10 DIY Wedding Centerpieces sans Flowers

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What would wedding tables be without centerpieces? I don’t even want to find out the answer to such question, since I consider wedding centerpieces quintessential to a fantastic atmosphere. So, thank God they were invented!

If you happen to be on a budget (which goes for many couples nowadays) you will find floral centerpieces rather expensive. Just to show you that remarkable aesthetic results can also be achieved without using any flowers at all, here are 10 cheap and clever ideas of beautiful flowerless wedding centerpieces to prove it. Expect an equally polished finish to your reception, dear brides-to-be.

1. Edible and super-colorful centerpieces? No problem! Candy and lollipop jars will do the trick. They are easy to create, fun, tasty and everyone will love them.


Photo Credits: budgetbridesguide.com

2. Yarn ball centerpieces will add a fun pop of color to any table, especially in a winter wedding. Use them in lieu of flowers, in the exact shades that match your wedding theme.


Photo Credits: papermoonweddings.com

3. Winter wedding receptions will get that extra amount of season’s glitter from centerpieces made of simple glass containers and shiny Christmas ornaments. Sweet and simple.


Photo Credits: en.paperblog.com

4. Fruit arrangements can look spectacular as table centerpieces, especially in summer weddings. Whether your reception takes place in a garden, on a beach, or in a restaurant, fruit will look fresh, yummy and colorful.


Photo Credits: weddingsalon.com

5. I am not a fan of plastic flowers, but paper ones can be really tasteful. They might not be floral in the living sense, but they look really outstanding in wedding centerpieces. Have them in your theme colors, in different shapes and sizes – they will look stunning!


Photo Credits: omgimgettingmarried.com

6. What better decorations for a beach wedding than seashells? Whether real or plastic, fill small buckets or glass bowls with them, adding some water, pearls and sand for a more marine feel.


Photo Credits: theweddingspecialists.net

7. Antique oil lamps make the perfect centerpiece choice for a vintage or countryside theme wedding. They give off a beautiful, warm light and create an intimate atmosphere, especially after dark.


Photo Credits: triciafountaine.blogspot.com

8. Romantic bird cages add the wow factor to wedding receptions en plein air. They can be filled with surprising decorating accents, such as candles, fruits, cards, etc. Visually interesting and decorative, they are a great alternative to vases with real flowers.


Photo Credits: weddingwindow.com

9. Transforming simple mason jars into candle holders is a cheap and sweet idea. To give jars a more festive look, cover them in transparent glass paint, rope, lace or just colorful fabric. Place candles inside them and voilá – you’ve got some very chic centerpieces.


Photo Credits: aboutswedding.com

10. Add a seasonal touch to autumn weddings with pumpkin tree centerpieces. All you need is tall glass vases, birdseed, some branches and mini pumpkins that you can hang using florist’s wire. Real pretty!


Photo Credits: diyweddingsmag.com

Will you be using DIY centerpieces in your wedding? Share your creative ideas here with us!


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