10 Engagement Photo Props

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Congratulations you found the photographer that is going to document the most memorable day in your life! With six months left and a few pounds dropped it is time to pick a spot, theme, color palette, and outfits for your engagement shoot. Oh – and don’t forget engagement photo props. All pin worthy pictures involve cute props. So what will you choose? Here are a few engagement photos that include cute, fun, and romantic props for inspiration.

1. Blankets are romantic, intimate, and gorgeous when photographed. Choose a light and airy one for spring or a bright and dramatic one for winter.

BlanketsPhoto Credit: GreenWeddingShoes.com

cuddledPhoto Credit: Sarah Ainsworth Photography


2. Confetti (or glitter) is perfect for a couple who is all about the fun factor. This picture of a couple in a boat covered in confetti is absolutely loveable.

confetti in a boat Photo Credit: GreenWeddingShoes.com

confettiPhoto Credit: BelleTheMagazine

glitterPhoto Credit: Lover.ly

 3. Balloons can be anything you wish. Hearts are always  popular but who wouldn’t love to spell out l-o-v-e or their new last name?

heart balloons

Photo Credit: GreenWeddingShoes.com

love balloonsPhoto Credit: France Photographers

balloon bouquetPhoto Credit: Ruffled Blog

 4. Singing a duet is a great way to relax and forget about the photographer. Roll a piano in a field for a little whimsy!

old pianoPhoto Credit: Lauren Fair Photography

pianoPhoto Credit: Anika London

 5. Christmas lights are a unique way to share the spirit of the holidays and great for this years Christmas cards!

christmas lightsPhoto Credit: Preston Bailey

twinkle lightsPhoto Credit: Live View Studios

 6. Sparklers are not just for the wedding day! Try these in the fall when the sun sets early.

sparklersPhoto Credit: Belle The Magazine

sparkler writingPhoto Credit: Paige Lowe Photography

 7. Chalkboards can say anything form save the dates to fun sayings and announcements.

chalkboardPhoto Credit: Toni Lynn Photography

chalkboard hubbyPhoto Credit: DIY Bride

 8. If you are the outdoorsy couple with killer legs from hiking, set up a vintage camp site and cozy up under the tent.

diy tentPhoto Credit: Sarah Ainsworth Photography

riverside tentPhoto Credit: Mountain Side Bride

 9. Candy is a sweet idea for fun loving, sugar obsessed couples. Bonus that it’s colorful and edible!

cotton candyPhoto Credit: Adrienne Gunde

candy shopPhoto Credit: Glamour and Grace

candy licoricePhoto Credit: Heidi Ryder

 10. Drinks for everyone! Some couples would never be caught frolicking in the grass – they prefer cosmos to hot dogs. This is perfect for sophisticated “indoor” couples that prefer city to country.

drinksPhoto Credit: TheGoodness.com

drinksPhoto Credit: Miller & Miller Photography

bar drinksPhoto Credit: Justin Element



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