10 Flowers for March Weddings

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Brides love March weddings for their budget friendly options. The change of the seasons, however, could provide some brides with anxiety over the availability of their favorite flowers. For example, Peonies, have recently become one of the most popular flowers for weddings. The large head full of lush petals are gorgeous and in high demand. However, peonies are only available during those warm summer months. A March bride would need to choose between budget and flowers. But don’t despair there are several lovely options for the budget conscious bride’s March wedding.

Magnolias symbolize beauty and strength. The white flower is elegant and neatly displayed. Modern brides who love clean lines will fall hard for this southern bloom.

magnoliaPhoto Credit: Pinterest

A late winter / early spring wedding is perfect for Cherry Blossoms. This light pink blossom creates a gorgeous ethereal atmosphere – use them as tree centerpieces or intertwine them as the arch for the wedding ceremony.

receptionPhoto Credit: dalliancedesign.blogspot.com/

cherry blossomPhoto Credit: WeddingsByColor

Orchids are known for their tropical look. But don’t be fooled – these flowers can be chic when displayed in modern clusters in tall vases in a luxurious ballroom. With the 2014 pantone color of the year, as “radiant orchid” we expect the demand for this flower to go through the rough. We love the large silky petals and the possibilities of cascading bouquets.

orchidsPhoto Credit: StyleUnveiled

white orchidsPhoto Credit: TheKnot

Freesia is available in purple, pink, white, or yellow. The lovely flower gives off a wonderful fragrance. They say that smell is linked to our emotions. If you add freesia into your bridal bouquet, each time you smell this flower memories and feelings from your wedding day will come. You’ll also leave a trail of your bouquet as you walk down the aisle toward your husband to be.

freesia lavender freesiaPhoto Credit: FiftyFlowers.com

Hydrangeas are available year round. However, the delicate petals will thrive in the cooler temperatures making them perfect as flowers for March weddings.

hydrangea Photo Credit: StyleMePretty.com

white hydrangeaPhoto Credit: StyleMePretty.com

Foxglove is not a typical wedding flower. If you are superstitious, stay away from this one, in the past, this flower has been a symbol of insincerity. However, if you’re feeling rebellious, the bell shaped petals are a distinctive addition to wedding arrangements.

willow orchidPhoto Credit: oleanderbotanicals.com

Scabiosa is a unique looking flower. They have petals that resemble lace and a center with a unique pattern. These flowers grow on wiry stems and are perfect for adding some whimsy into your floral arrangements. They will keep the look fresh, unique and memorable. They are available year round. The lavender blue is our favorite but they also come in pink, red, white and black.

Scabiosa-BridalGuidePhoto Credit: BridalGuide.com

Brides planning a Gatsby or Casablanca themed wedding will love the availability of the Lillium Casablanca. This white flower was extremely popular in the 1920’s. Think cascading bridal bouquets and large lush floral arrangements. The large flower heads are perfectly paired with lush greenery to add to the Gatsby theme.

Casablanca LilyPhoto Credit: StyleMePretty

Lisianthus flowers are full of petals and can be mistaken for a Rose’s younger and flirtier sister. The best part of the lisianthus is that it will last for weeks after the wedding so when you arrive home after the honeymoon you can still enjoy memories of the wedding.

lisianthusPhoto Credit: BHG.com

Ranunculus is the perfect replacement for peony lovers. Although the head is not as large as the peony the abundance of petals on this flower can wow even the biggest skeptic. Ranunculus come in a large variety of colors and can be chic and modern, or country rustic depending on the arrangement.

ranaculousPhoto Credit: DIYNetwork.com

white ranaculousPhoto Credit: TheKnot.com

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