Must-Have Items for a Beach Honeymoon

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beach honeymoon

If you are packing for a honeymoon that involves white sand beaches, tons of sun, swimming pools and the ocean (well, aren’t you a lucky one?), you need to remember THE ESSENTIALS.

I know, you will over-pack anyway and eventually won’t wear much of the stuff in your luggage (it really doesn’t matter, we’ve all been there), but don’t forget the few things you MUST bring along and yes, wear.

You want to look steaming hot on your honeymoon (reminding him once more of how lucky he is doesn’t hurt, right?), and that is why even your most basic items need a touch of sexy. I have rounded up 10 beach honeymoon essentials for you, so read on to discover what to pack for an unforgettable post-wedding getaway!

  1. The Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the perfect items for a summer holiday. Pick a stare-don’t-look animal print dress that looks empowering, or select any other print you like. A breezy maxi dress will give you freedom of movement, making your body look more slender.




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2. The Trendy Gladiator Sandals

This summer gladiator sandals are all the rage, so get your pair and wear it when you are out shopping, eating in a fancy restaurant, or just strolling with your hubby. They are comfy yet look dramatic.


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3. The Sexy Swimsuit

While this should be every summer’s hero piece, your honeymoon swimsuit must look sultrier than ever. Flaunt your wedding silhouette (that you’ve worked so hard for) in a 2-piece that suits your body shape, but have a one-piece swimsuit for sipping cocktails by the pool.


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4. The Soft Beach Towel

If you want to get that golden tan in style, make sure you pack a soft and luxurious beach towel that complements your nautical look. Stripes are my favorites, but you can also choose flowers, maxi logos, or just block colors.


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5. The Classy Hat

Sun hats have that je ne sais quoi which adds instant glamour to any beach look. Get a hat with wide brim and look mysterious! You will definitely be the center of attention, plus you will be protecting your eyes from the sun (you want to go home with a sexy tan, not extra wrinkles!).


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6. The SPF Lotion

This is THE thing that helps your skin stay healthy and look hot. Choose the best SPF sunscreen protection for your skin type and don’t forget to slather it on before you go out in the sun. You should enjoy every second of your honeymoon instead of  wasting time healing sore sunburns.


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7. The Chic Cover-Up

When you hit the beach or the pool wear a pretty cover-up that leaves some to the imagination. Crochet pieces look really flattering, but you can also go for silk, linen or cotton cover-ups. Beach must-have!


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8. The Roomy Bag

Raffia bags scream summer holidays and, if yours comes with a paisley or graphic pattern, it will only point to the fashionista that you are. Choose a spacious bag to carry all your essentials and flaunt it like it’s your job.


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9. The Sassy Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer essential and, to make sure you look as spectacular as a jet-setter movie star, wear a cat-eye pair (however, check first if they flatter your face shape!). If cat-eye is not the thing for you, try with a pair of classic, oversized sunglasses á la Jackie O. You will never underestimate the power of great sunglasses again.


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10. The Summer Scent

Wearing a light, fresh scent on your honeymoon is a great idea. Count on the limited editions that nearly every brand launches come summer, and go for the one you love. You can smell of anything from citrus and fresh flowers to tropical notes. Your hubby will love it, as well!


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Were you already planning on packing any of these for your honeymoon, girls?

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