10 Tear-jerking Marriage Proposal Videos

Wedding proposals are some of the most romantic stories every told. When a man (or woman) finally feels the abundance of love that overcomes the fear of committing to someone for the rest of their lives, the moment is magical. Recently, we came across a website that shares the most precious moments of a newly engaged couple with the rest of the world. This is a website to visit when you need a good cry, a love story, faith in human kind, or even just some inspiration (hint, hint). Today we have rounded up our top ten videos on howheasked.com for our lovely readers.

Taylor & Kurt
Kurt is a groom who went above and beyond the call of duty for this proposal. In addition to a gorgeous and romantic proposal, he also planned an after party with all of her friends and family. If you love twinkle lights, you will love this video.


Long Distance Proposal
This video is so sweet, your teeth are going to hurt. As a romantic gesture, this groom flew across the country to surprise his bride. Prepare yourselves for goose bumps.


California Proposal
Surrounded by life size cutouts, this marriage proposal is perfectly planned. “Follow your heart to your future,” and “I love your sexy brain,” are written on a hanging signs; and fluffy white hydrangeas and candle lit lanterns are strewn on the walkway up to the groom. Watch as the bride melts and the groom wins her heart.


Oliver & Rosemary
This groom didn’t want just any proposal, so he called in the professionals. Proposal planners made sure this proposal was one that the future bride couldn’t say no to. We have to admit – it’s amazing. This video also features a lust worth engagement ring set in a stunning cobalt blue box.


MeetUp.com Proposal
This groom to be is much more subtle when proposing to his future bride. He did stage the proposal, however, unlike many other brides, she had no idea. Using social media to photograph and video this momentous occasion, he managed to gather (from complete strangers) video and pictures of the moments leading up to, and after he popped the question!


Creative Marriage Proposal
Yes, all proposals take planning and thought. But how many include balloons, juggling clowns, and Thomas the train? Just one.


Artsy Serenade Proposal
A surprise proposal during an art class combined with a gorgeous serenade of Marry Me. Prepare yourself for tears in the first 60 seconds of this video. Sweet is the only word to describe this marriage proposal.


Wedding Styled Shoot Surprise Proposal
Complete with confetti and peplum skirts, this proposal is too cute for words. This wedding planner was shocked when her groom got down on one knee during a styled wedding photo shoot. Right after blowing confetti into the wind, he pops the questions. Her reaction is perfect.


Brad & Emily
It took a lot of family and friends to make this proposal happen. This proposal would not have been complete without the bride’s friends, who made her squeal with excitement, and a lot of goofy soon-to-be groomsman. The excitement of the bride and the love and excitement you feel from every one of the people involved in this video is touching to watch.


Charlene & Johan
Last, but far from least, is this proposal that will have tears streaming down your face before the groom is on his knee. The bride is overcome with memories, and love, this is one proposal no bride could say no to.



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