20 Sweet Outdoor Photo Ideas You Will Love

I guess you are all familiar with the evergreen wedding photography ideas: the bride and groom’s kiss by the altar, the couple’s romantic first dance, the merry bridal party, etc. Ok, these might be the all-time classic photos you will eventually have in your wedding album, but…so will everyone else. Yawn. How about some fun and surprising photo ideas, you guys?

Aiming for some special, creative shots that really stand out from the rest is a bold initiative. That is why you need to make sure you choose a photographer with a (very) artistic eye, ready to go well beyond the expected and catch some unique moments, or organize some exceptional photo ops.

With summer in full swing, al fresco weddings are quite common. If you decided to have an outdoor ceremony, you made a fantastic choice because you are guaranteed to have an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. Nature can provide a jaw-dropping décor for dreamy shots that ooze love and romanticism, and the vivid colors of flowers, grass and trees are going to add extra oomph with every click.

Take a photo while you are kissing at sunset (this is a very special moment of the day for dramatic shots, so don’t miss it!), or lying on the grass next to each other pulling funny faces. The list is really endless. Depending on the location (a well-manicured garden, a magical forest, the whimsical seaside or a flower field) your photos will borrow tons of charm from such amazing surroundings. And yes, even unexpected summer rain gracing your wedding day can guarantee some fantastic photos (provided your photographer is prepared for it).

Here are 20 of my favorite outdoor bride and groom photos to spark your inspiration. Go on and steal any outdoor photo idea you like! After all, this was the main purpose of this sweet photo gallery.

Cheers to wedding photos with personality!


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