25 Rules of Suits Every Groom Should Know

Many grooms get engaged and realize they have only worn a suit a handful of times. Most likely these grooms have been wearing them wrong. There are essentially 25 rules to wearing a suit the most handsome way possible that not all men know. Share this with your groom and prepare to be wow-ed on your wedding day when he hits all of hot stuff requirements.

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  1. If you need to buy a suit off the rack, make sure the shoulders fit. It is worth the alteration fee to get the shoulders to fit correctly.collarGap-660x367 Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-3.49.38-PM-490x191 Imprimir
  2. Make sure the jacket fits well in general! A gap between the jacket lapels and the shirt collar means the jacket does not fit well. Your groom will look more handsome if there is no gap because this means the jacket is a perfect fit.tiewidth_v7
  3. You need to balance all of the elements of the suit. The first step is making sure the width of the tie matches the width of the lapel.56512b4458efbb6effd42a2d2bfb682c f442d08253310d58c64895a7b2a184a1d60f66cf79f9ca01160e71b4496604a8wide lapel 5 wide lapel 4 wide lapel 2
  4. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you want either a thin or wide lapel. Thin lapels are modern while wide lapels are for older styles. If you have a theme wedding set in the past, go for the wide lapel.LYZCVIe
  5. It is easiest (and attractive!) to choose a classic Windsor knot. Your groom can choose between full or half Windsor depending on the size of his head.90f63ff3230f3c571a442dbe23ead2a0 dafa64aad2b3b04187bc7a5b82d5d040
  6. The tie needs to barely reach the waistband of your groom’s pants or be ever so slightly shorter. Any longer or shorter can look a bit ridiculous.ed8df33fe7903abf10b354f7b5f8a6e4 e1bc73eec5afd5a1f5059e664c4d3ccb 223db31ac4e3eec7797fd63bc69e42d5 afd96383cdb34aec8bb127f37dea1557
  7. Make sure the tie is darker than the dress shirt for a striking look.khaki-cotton-suit-detail-belt-blue-leather slide1_main_suit_man_vss curtis_jackson_aka_50_cent_pin
  8. If wearing a belt, it needs to be thinner and match your shoes. Otherwise, it will look awkward.c7d35d02d2d4f3f2031876388028432c
  9. This is kind of a gross rule, but make sure your groom is wearing an undershirt if you are having an outdoor or a wedding in the summer. The undershirt will help collect sweat before it stains his dress shirt.fd3d77c6d4577f23f79b1732be523346 b3cae1986619374dd9cd2a35ed2f52a7 a6d428e72846103275824c0031e5f43d 1159e01719f99d1acfa836320519692d
  10. If you and your groom have decided to go casual with a vest, make sure the bottom button is unbuttoned. It will make your groom look less stuffy.8095611d41a55297bb98a0db029c2d09 81a1dd50277bbb4e8004b2b5f538416b e809de49129cdb03f2d0f797bf384bac
  11. If he is wearing a vest with a full suit, the vest will look best with a single breast suit so it is visible.14472115fd88137a06f5260b981c4397 96b0040ad5d8e5bbe4e66188dd3bff4f 6fc6d469196ec30f8ace5ed926b0e0f0 a586805987d8de9ca0e30966494dec7b 9b3f3147811dfebcb1899b4a5f1b0a4c
  12. Pocket squares are extremely fashionable ONLY if they contrast your tie. The pocket square must be a different fabric and pattern to be in style. Choose carefully, because the pocket square is the only part of the suit your groom gets to show off their personality. Yes, you want it to match the wedding, but let your groom go crazy.cbd9f56e5c422d94edd8f6128c1e2c1c 6fb75e8cfbc2d21a09277fca1795acb5 8d211c9206b1f41fe1dfe1d22eee3b9a ea978733127b0f6deddb7ced9203c35e 45893a821a2d77f027174ecec2b51bf6 68b14b49e4f16b0fe7cf869dec2405d0 12d9c1926a2ae44cc6672cb678b1fb05
  13. To stand out, choose a charcoal or gray suit instead of black. Everyone wears black and your groom will look infinitely more handsome and stylish in a different color.buttoning_and_lapel_fit Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-3.54.35-PM-490x179 x-660x342
  14. If your groom chooses a two button jacket, the top button should rest at or above the navel. If he chooses a three button jacket, the middle button should follow the same rule.Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-2.40.09-PM-490x179
  15. The jacket should be long enough to barely cover the pant zipper and your groom’s lovely derriere.img-thing 5d75e145f785f023b5bba9be9c02582f None_Vents_Polyester_Double_Buttons_Notch_Lapel_Grey_Men_Suits__1__1871245287288161
  16. For a formal look, choose a double button notched lapel jacket for the stylish groom.Peak_Lapel_3_Piece_One_Button_Front_Grey_Business_Suits_For_Men__1__13221907254340332 Peak_Lapel_One_Button_Black_Groom_Gent_Suits__1__8611884878259384 p0i12025_grey_1_18
  17. A single button peak lapel jacket is a good choice if your groom is going for a trendy and casual look.6a01053580a976970b019aff0e7c4d970c ludlow-two-button-suit-jacket-with-double-vented-back-in-glen-plaid-italian-woolb-s-000095-3 DV Active
  18. Double vents in the back of the jacket are modern and fashionable. If your groom is larger, double vents also give him enough room to swing his arms and look cool and casual in photos.llgiKFU
  19. Whichever jacket he chooses, your groom should be able to slip his hand between the his chest and the buttonend jacket snugly. However, there should be just enough room move his hand as well. It is a delicate balance since it should not be too tight or too spacey.Proper_sleeve_length Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-2.29.41-PM-490x192
  20. The shirt sleeve cuffs should be exposed a half an inch to help make the suit look balanced. If you want to go above and beyond, match the visible cuff length to the amount of collar visible at the back of the neck.a56550f492b9d430a704eedd8c2ab43d 27ffa9a1676fd624c09f990f5d823ace e08032e60ab3b762caf7732914594785 a2ed215503e6b7410ed1ffffc0cfeff1 2b3f503099614fd914e5c8d08689dedb
  21. Choose dress socks that are long enough so no leg is exposed when sitting down. Many grooms choose to show more of their personality with their socks!
  22. For a fashionable, modern look, have the pant hem hit the top of your groom’s shoes.Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-2.33.55-PM-490x179
  23. For a conservative and traditional look, the pant hem should cover the top of the shoe and some of the laces.dzNBHek
  24. You don’t want creases in your dress pants! Use the Savile Row Fold technique on the dress pants to keep the creases to a minimum before the wedding. This fold also prevents the pants from falling off the hanger.tGbntUN
  25. Lastly, use this guide to match the color of your shoes to your suit. You might choose to have fun and wear sneakers. If that is the case, do whatever you want! You are breaking rules of suits, but it’s your wedding day and the groom gets to have fun, too!

Image Credit: Effortless Gent, Imgur, Beckett Simonon, Bow N Ties, Javier Batista, Black Lapel, Pinterest, Peter Werth.

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