3 Money Saving Tips for Bridesmaid Budgets

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A bride’s wedding day is the most photographed day of her life. It’s a day where you want everything to feel lush and luxurious. Lavished with attention, adorned with glistening diamonds, and flaunting an amazing designer dress. Your bridesmaids want that too…they just don’t want to spend a month’s worth of rent to stand next to you at the altar. As a budget conscious bride, your goal is to have everyone looking and feeling fabulous without your bridesmaids (or yourself) going broke. So how do you get everyone picture perfect without maxing out your Visa? We have three money saving tips for bridesmaid budgets to help you get to the altar without cashing in your 401K’s.

bride with bridesmaids

Tip One: Let them choose a dress. No-one said give them free reign, but there is nothing wrong with letting your maids buy something off the rack for half the cost of a bridesmaid dress. Post your favorite dresses to a private Facebook group. Your bridesmaids will love that you have already found them great deals and that the dresses are pre-approved.


Tip Two: Encourage them to wear shoes from their own closet. No-one is going to look at their feet when you are glowing right next to them. Especially if your ladies are wearing floor length gowns. Pick a color and let them fade into the background while your Jimmy Choo’s take center stage.

bridal hair

Tip Three: Provide a less expensive hair and makeup option. As a bride, you want the best and you should have it – even if it costs more than your electric bill. However, your bridesmaid’s beauty budgets may not be as lavish. Choose a top notch hair and makeup team for yourself and your mom and point your bridesmaids to the nearest salon for an up-do at half the price.

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