3 Picturesque Moments No Wedding Album Should Be Without

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Your photographer will likely supply you with hundreds (dare we say thousands?) of photos from your big day. From beginning to end, these will capture the preparations, the laughter and the tears. While there really is no part of your wedding you won’t want to remember, here are three beautiful picturesque moments so picturesque they are worth hinting to your photographer about.

leaving the wedding photo

Sparkler Send Off

Buy some sparklers and let your photographer now they’ll need to stick around until the end to capture this new, trendy, and completely perfect moment.

After your reception has settled down and it’s time for you and your husband to take off into the moonlight, pass sparklers out to guests and have them line up on the sides of a sidewalk or create a man-made pathway. Once the sparklers are lit, you’ll make your way down the lane of lights while your photographer takes pictures at the end. This sparkling, dreamy moment is spectacular and (almost) worth the possibility of your slightly intoxicated guests setting something on fire.

chit chatting children

Candid Kid Moments

The children at weddings are always good for some ooh and aww moments. Make sure your photographer knows not to let the little ones go unnoticed. From their adorable attempts on the dance floor to their wide-eyed fascination with all things pretty and unknown, candid kid moments never let down.

precious moment

Eye-to-Eye at the Altar

I don’t know about you but when I see wedding photos that don’t include up close shots of the bride and groom in the moments leading up to “I do” I am seriously disappointed. That undeniable, unfiltered love shared between a couple in the seconds before they become husband and wife is incredible. Let your photographer know ahead of time you don’t mind a little personal intrusion to capture the exchange.

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