4 Wedding Planning Mistakes You May Be Making

Brides beware, the week leading up to your wedding will be stressful, frantic, and at times overwhelming. There are four essential wedding planning tasks you must complete the week of your wedding to ensure a smooth wedding day.

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  1. Fluff your Day Of Schedule

Trust us, this is essential to not becoming a bridezilla. Add extra time into your schedule for pictures, changing, and alone time with your soon to be husband. If you do this, you won’t regret not having enough time with the people who matter most.


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  1. Re-read your Catering Contracts

Before you start running errands, read through the catering contract one more time. Food and drinks are the most important part of your wedding for your guests. Make sure anything that wasn’t resolved over the past year is all set, and get a confirmation on the exact menu they will be serving. Also, get a wine list and signature cocktail recipe to make sure the bartenders will have what they need. It may feel slightly overbearing, however, it will keep you from asking every guest if they ate enough.


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  1. Create A Bridal Party Itinerary

You have been pouring over the details of your wedding day for months (possibly years.) You’ve recounted each stress and issue to almost everyone you know. So they should know exactly what you want, where you want it, and how it should look – including themselves. Except they don’t. Give yourself a break from answering the same question 20 times. Create a schedule for the weekend, complete with addresses and directions. Print and email them to everyone involved.


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  1. Don’t Forget Post Wedding Packing

Don’t forget your overnight bag and a day after bag. If you are staying in a hotel, make sure you have a hangover kit for yourself, cell phone chargers, face wash, and all the necessary items you need to feel comfortable and sexy on your wedding night (and like a blushing newlywed the morning after).


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