5 DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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DIY projects are so fun and rewarding, and now with pinterest they are so easy!  Pinterest is littered with ideas for ways to save money by making things all on your own, and even if you are not needing to stick to a budget, these DIY ideas are just as beautiful as something you could purchase!  Here are 5 DIY wedding centerpiece ideas from pinterest that will have you itching  to hit the craft store today!

stick4Photo Credit: pinterest


This is so cute guys, you can use fresh flowers or silk flowers, you can find the stand at a garage sale or any second hand store….most of us probably have one of these laying around!  Poke the flowers in some floral foam and you are set!  You can paint the stand a different color as well!  This is so easy and so cute!


centerpiecePhoto Credit: pinterest

Here is one made with paper flowers…still beautiful and even more budget friendlycenterpicePhoto Credit: pinterest

Mason jars and bottles are the perfect rustic addition to your wedding decor!  They are so easy and there are endless amounts of crafty things to do with this second hand items!

centerpiece2Photo Credit: pinterest

bottle bottle1 masonjar Photo Credit: pinterest

Glass cylinders are always a beautiful idea to make your wedding tables look fancy and elegant!  You can use all different shapes and sizes, or just whatever you are using to decorate your home!  Water, flowers, and a floating candle and you have a beautiful centerpiece perfect for all different styles of weddings!

centerpiecesPhoto Credit: pinterest


I love this idea, books, especially old worn looking ones, can add so much vintage style to your wedding decor.  You can mix and match different old books and use them the way they are with flowers or candles, or I love the idea of wrapping them with paper or painting them.


book book1 book2Photo Credit: pinterest

Nature is so beautiful in itself, so naturally when you add it to your wedding decor, it can only benefit!  Twigs and branches of all different kinds make for wonderful centerpieces.  They are pretty left alone, but painting them or adding flowers throughout the branch adds and outdoor elegance!

sticksPhoto Credit: pinterest

These sticks are painted but still look natural and beautiful!

sticksPhoto Credit: pinterest

sticks1Photo Credit: pinterest

This extremely simple looking, but look how it adds to the table.

sticks3Photo Credit: pinterest


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