DIY Wedding Ideas That Add A Unique Touch

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concrete table numbers

Alright, so its been over 7 years since I got married and if I could go back and do more of the planning and preparations myself, I think I would.  At the time I was OK with just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to whatever someone asked me and on to the next item on the wedding-planning-checklist.  Don’t get me wrong, at the time it was great and low stress but when I look back at my wedding photos (which are special no matter what) I wonder what it would have looked like if I had set aside my lack-of-creativity fear and just tried a couple projects!  With that said…I’m obsessed with the personal touch that DIY gives a wedding! Let’s be honest, not every bride can spend the 2013 average wedding cost of $28,000 and even if you could you don’t have to (save it for the honeymoon)!  Add some fun to your wedding planning by doing simple DIY Wedding projects with your girlfriends (or fiance, if you are brave enough) that will leave your guests remembering the personalized touches that made your wedding one-of-a-kind!

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Centerpiece
This is a great way to use all those unique bottles that you have been saving (for some reason) all these years!  There are endless choices of yarn, so no matter what the color palette you choose for your day is, these will look amazing on your reception tables.
yarn wrapped bottles
Painted Glass Bottles
Sticking with the recycled bottle theme…all you need for this next idea is paint and, you guessed it, bottles! I also love the idea of finding vessels that will fit candles and do this same technique for the lighted part of your centerpiece.  Check out this post to learn how.
painted bottles
Concrete Table Numbers
Make your table numbers part of the design of your centerpiece and not just there for practical purposes!  I adore this idea so much and it seems so easy to do!
concrete table numbers
Edible Guest Wedding Favors
I admit it, when I go to a wedding that has small bottles of bubbles or bath salts they go right into the trash when I get home.  That’s why I think every wedding should have edible party favors!  I personally love to bake so here is something really cute and creative that I think any bride could do for her guests.  The options are endless, anything that can fit in a cellophane bag and tastes delicious will do.
moon pie
Simple Thank You Cards with a Creative Edge
thank you card

I cannot get enough of these Thank You Cards! Turn a boring (but affordable!) craft card into a unique Thank You that anyone would want to hang on the fridge!  Clare from Fellow Fellow made these amazing Thank You Cards one letter at a time, however, you could easily buy a “Thank You” die cutter like this one and get the same effect with half the effort!

There you have it! Thanks to amazing tools like Pinterest and just the internet in general, it’s easy to get inspired to make your DIY wedding more unique with projects like these.  So grab your hot glue gun, your best friends, several bottles of wine and get to crafting!

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