5 DIY Wedding Projects for Beginners

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DIY Wedding Projects Confetti Bags

Today we are talking to the DIY wanna be brides. You know who you are, you spend hours lusting after handmade goods on Etsy and pin projects to your DIY Wedding Project board only to stop short at the cash register. Say it with me…yes I can make that myself! DIY brides all over the internet post amazing tutorials of creative handmade wedding goodness everyday. Stop doubting yourself now because we have rounded up the easiest, quickest, and most delightful DIY wedding projects we could find. Get ready to break out the glue gun because it is about to get DIY-crazy in here.

1.  Confetti bags! So cute and read E-A-S-Y. Pass them out at the ceremony or use them for the bride and grooms exit at the end of the night. We’ve even seen these attached to handmade save the date cards…but let’s just stick to the confetti for now. DIY Wedding Projects Confetti Bags

2. OR skip the confetti all together and add a little whimsy into your wedding day with ribbon wands. Match the ribbon color to your wedding! These are also great for your exit at the end of the night and most venues prefer them over sparklers!

Wedding Ribbon Wands DIY


3. Glitter candles are romantic and add they add some sparkle into your décor. Imagine how gorgeous the candlelight will be shining through all the glitter.

DIY Glitter Candles

 4. Every bride wants the classic picture of her gown hanging the morning of the wedding. So hanging it on something fabulous is absolutely necessary. You could buy a hanger on Etsy that says Bride, but when are you going to use that again? How about a sequin wrapped hanger that you can make in about 15 minutes? Bonus – you can use it over and over again!

DIY Wedding Hanger

 5. Drink stirs with a big tassel are perfect for glam receptions with a touch of whimsy loveliness.

DIY Drink Stirs


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