5 Elements of a Picture Perfect Sweetheart Table

Design a picture-perfect sweetheart table. Stop fussing with the centerpieces for guest tables and put your effort into a project that you will remember and appreciate. There are a million options to sort through when you are designing the perfect sweetheart table. But before you start shopping, here are five elements that you must address to create a perfect tablescape.

  1. Upgrade Your Linens.

Start designing with gorgeous linens. Order linens one size bigger for a luxurious outcome. The larger size allows you to blouse the bottom of the linen. Before ordering, view your favorite linens in person on a table. If possible, include chairs and china to see the base of your overall vision. If you are unsure, take a picture and dress up the table in Photoshop. Linens can be ordered on short notice, so don’t worry if you saved this project for last. Our favorite linen choices for sweetheart tables are:

  • Silk linens which are romantic and will shine in your photos.
  • Sequins are perfect for brides who want some extra bling.

sequin linens_dalliance design Sequin Sweetheart Table_Pinterest Sequin Sweetheart Table_weddingchicks silk_designsbyhemingway silk_msbridalguru

  1. Choose the Lighting.

Think about the background and placement of your table before you choose a lighting element. Location of outlets, fireplaces, and possible backdrops will influence whether or not your can include one lighting type or another. Lighting options include:

  • Candles are romantic and create ambience. Vary candle heights to give the table depth and interest. The different heights allow the table to be photographed before you sit down for dinner.


  • A single chandelier hanging above the sweetheart table creates a focal point in the reception. Centered over the sweetheart table, no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you. You many need assistance from your venue or wedding planner to pull this option off.

chandelier_weddingomania_sweetheart table chandelier_smp chandelier_stgeorgeweddings

  • Twinkle lights are perfect for outdoor receptions. Imagine your sweetheart table under (or in front of) a huge tree that is strung with hundreds of bright lights. Gorgeous for rustic and boho themes.

lights_weddingomania_sweetheart table-2 lights_ruffledblog

  • Lanterns can be the element for brides looking for something a little bit different. Lanterns hung from the ceiling or decorating floor surrounding the table are awe invoking.

Lanterns_Elizabeth Anne Designs lanterns_styleunveiled

3. Pick the Flowers.

When you are upgrading your linens and buying more décor pieces, brides may start to panic at the rising costs. Here are two ways to save money on flowers for your sweetheart tables:

  • Re-purpose ceremony flowers. Flower arrangements on chuppas, mandaps, or arches can be made to easily attach to the ceremony backdrop and then be taken down and lain across the sweetheart table in a low arrangement.


  • Use vases of varying heights to create a new arrangement for the bridesmaid bouquets or bunch them together so they look like one long arrangement facing the guests. bridesmaids_weddingomaniabridesmaids_sweetchicevents
  1. Seat Yourself.

Seating at the sweetheart table has enough options to make your head spin. Here is the skinny on your choices:

  • Loveseats make a bold statement. Choose one with a high back and keep the table elements low to show it off.

sofa_friartuxsofa_projectwedding sofa_thedesertbride

  • Sayings and signs add personality. We love this chair sign that is slightly different than the traditional “bride” and “groom”.

chair signs_urban-magnolia_sweetheart table signs chair signs_societybride

  • Chair covers are also a cute way to differentiate the bride and grooms chairs from the guests.

chair covers_bellethemagazine

  • Garland can be used in addition to or in place of signs. This option is rustic and modern in green ruckus and bright flowers.

Four Seasons Lanai Hawaii Wedding by Rebecca Arthurs chair garland_southernweddings

  1. Leave Enough Space.

The biggest rule to follow is to leave enough room for you and your hubby to enjoy the night without worrying about spilling red wine all over that white gown.

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