5 Fresh Ways to Save Money for Your Wedding

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Stop brown bagging and skipping your morning latte. Yes, they will help you save money but if you hate soggy sandwiches and miss your morning coffee buzz the next year is going to feel like torture. Here are five new ways to save some cash for your dream wedding.


  1. Go vegetarian.

Warning! This idea may not be for everyone. Skip the meat. One bonus of going the way of the veggies is that you are guaranteed to lose weight before your wedding day.




  1. Skip the pre-wedding pampering.

It’s tempting to go all out with a personal trainer, monthly facials, and bi-weekly shellac manicures in order to stay gorgeous for the wedding. But, if you really want to save money this is one huge chunk of change that you can apply to the wedding budget. Try group classes, at home manicures, and save the facials until one month before the wedding.




  1. Resist impulse buys.

You know exactly which purchases we mean. Those $5 lip balms at the checkout counter and “luxury” groceries are not necessities. Step away from the chocolate covered coffee beans at Trader Joes and fight the urge to spend all the pennies in your pocket just because it’s in your budget.




  1. Stop drinking.

Ok, not all together. Just skip the martinis when you are out to dinner. Smile – it’s not like we said to stop eating out…that would be horrible. Feel free to stock up on wine bottles and craft beer at home.


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  1. Eat Everything In Your Fridge.

Cut your grocery bills by eating the food in your fridge and cabinets. If you have canned beans, rice, spices, and some leftover veggies in the fridge – you have one free dinner. Stretching your groceries even a day or two longer every week adds up. You could save a whole weeks’ worth of grocery money almost every month!

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