5 Gorgeous Bridal Manicures to Showcase Your Engagement Ring

Congrats you are officially engaged! While you may be anxious to start planning out the details of your wedding…there is one matter you need to attend to first. No, not picking a bridal party – a manicure! Your hands will be on display for the world to see for the next 365 days, it is time to make them look good. Those dried up cuticles are not going to fix themselves! Besides isn’t it almost an insult to your man if you don’t complement that gorgeous rock with a smoking hot bridal manicure? We think so.

In case you have been neglecting your nails for longer than you’d like to admit, we have put together a group of gorgeous bridal manicures to help get your butt into a seat at the nail salon. And in case you have been living under a rock – gel polish is the way to go!

Styles for manicures are no longer about the single color polish. Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, and reverse french tips are all hot styles ready for you dabble in this year. Here are our favorite manicures for brides ready to show off your engagement ring!

1. Fresh for spring, try this coral and minty-sea foam set. The only thing outshining your ring may be the gorgeous glitter on your finger tips.

CoralGreen_dainty_fashionPhoto Credit: Dainty_Fashion.com

2. Similarly ready for the warm breeze of summer, is this flower design in electric blue. Doesn’t it remind you of Hawaii and surfing?

electricblue_flower_letthemhavepolishPhoto Credit: LetThemHavePolish.com

3. This may be the perfect manicure for your bachelorette party! Blush colored glitter on every finger. Or, for ladies who a bit more reserved, maybe just on your ring finger.

 blushsparkle_alllaqueredupPhoto Credit: AllLaqueredUp.com

4. If you aren’t quite ready for full out glam, try this manicure with nude polish and a layer of gold glitter. This is so gorgeous it just may be in the running for your wedding day manicure!

 nudeglitter_glitterandnails.blogspotPhoto Credit: GlitterAndNails.Blogspot.com

 5. Last but not least, for the ladies who love Pantones color of the year as much as I do – a gorgeous Radiant Orchid manicure.

 RadiantOrchid_PshiiitPhoto Credit: Pshiiit.com

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