5 Wedding Color Palates Featuring Coral

The sun is shining and the weather is heating up. It’s the perfect temperature to talk about one of our favorite wedding colors – coral! The bright color is feminine, unique, and perfect for summer weddings. The deep blue background of a beach wedding pairs gorgeously with this summer staple, but before you jump in to the blue and coral color palette here are a few more options for you:

  1. Coral and Grey

The pink and orange tones of coral will pop against the muted background of grey. Grey suits and tuxedos for the guys are great during the warm weather. Match the boutonnieres with the bridesmaid’s dresses for symmetry.

 CoralandGreyColorPallete_SophiaInvitationsblogvia SophiaInvitationsBlog.com


  1. Coral and Turquoise

For a bright and bold wedding, feature turquoise opposite coral. Skip the muted tones and go bright all the way. Decorate with turquoise vases overflowing with coral flowers. They are sure to brighten up any corner or table at your reception.

CoralandTurquiseColorPalletes_invitesweddingsvia invitesweddings.com

  1. Coral and Pink

If you love pink, this is the color palette for you. Coral and blush pink will keep the color in your cheeks as you make that long walk down the aisle.

CoralandPinkColorPalletes_via squirrellyminds.com

  1. Coral and Mint

This paring has the makings of a whimsical summer day wedding all over it. Use lighter shades of coral and mint. Think candy bars and mint filled refreshments. The result will be a sweet and romantic event.

 coral-wedding-mint-color-_OpulentCoutrierblogvia OpulentCoutrierblog.com

5. Coral and Coral

How much do you love coral? We love it a lot so shades upon shades of our favorite summertime color is right up our wedding color palette alley. Choose bright shades paired with lightly saturated hues to give your pictures depth. Let your florist go crazy with all colors of coral under the sun. Since you aren’t choosing just one – that’s one less detail to hem and haw over.

coral-wedding-color2_exclusivelyweddingsvia exclusivelyweddings.com

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