6 Precious Wedding Vow Tips to Remember

Let’s face it, not all of us possess that poetic vibe that makes us write things like “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”.

This means some might find it really difficult to just have their thoughts pour out of their pen when they start to write their wedding vows. That’s fair enough, but what do you do when you are completely out of focus/inspiration/sweet words, even if you love your significant other more than anything in the world? You take a deep breath, pour yourself a (light) drink and read the following wedding vow tips. Suddenly everything will seem easier. Not sure? Read on, please!

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1.     Put Up a Draft

This is the most helpful step. Organizing your ideas is a great starting point to help you develop breathtaking wedding vows. Ideally, the mere thought of your better half should get lovely words rush through your head, so start tracing those first random lines.

2.     Find Your Voice

After you have questioned yourself about things like: “Why do I love him/her?” or “What does he/she really mean to me?” you need to find your own voice and “use” it. Whether it is a little auto-ironic, cheesy, romantic or just funny, your writing style will reveal your personality, making that precious little text really authentic.

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3. Don’t Steer Away from Famous Quotes

There is nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration for your wedding vows. Any love song/poem/quote can be inspiring, helping you find the right words to express something you feel deep inside. Getting inspired by someone else’s words does not mean cheating, so go ahead, be my guests!

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4.     Surprise Your Better Half with an Unexpected Promise

Your partner already knows everything about you and your personality (or so they should!), so adding to your wedding vows an unexpected promise that he or she might have secretly wished for will be a fantastic surprise. Things like: “I promise to watch your favorite TV show with you” (even if it bores you to death), “do the dishes at least three times a week”, or “kiss you every time before starting a fight” will not only make the audience smile, but will show how much you really love your better half. As marriage means also compromise, your promise will be highly appreciated.

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5.    Limit Your Creativity to a Decent Word Number

The last thing you want is to bore your guests with a long and yawn-worthy speech. Try not to get too excited and write unnecessary things. Your vows must be short and sweet, and it should not take you more than one minute to read the whole thing. Focus only on impactful ideas to keep everyone interested.

6.   Rehearse Before the Big Moment

This is a great idea, especially if public speaking has never been your thing. Write your precious vows on a piece of paper and read them at least once in front of the mirror before you say them out loud in front of your love (and hundreds of other ears). Rehearsing will help you will feel much more relaxed when the big moment comes.

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I hope your wedding vows steal both smiles and tears from your audience. After all, weddings are the best moment to get emotional. Don’t ask me how I look after the vow moment!

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