6 Things That Could Ruin Your Wedding

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Once you reply “Yes” to the heart-melting question “Will you marry me?” you start feeling overwhelmed by the wedding craze. It’s normal. It happens to every woman after giving this answer.

You suddenly realize you need to organize one of the most important days of your life and you’ve got a million things to see to. Among these things there are a few that could ruin your wedding, one way or another. Be warned: some of the stuff below could instantly turn you into a bridezilla so take a little time to read this list. Prevention is better than cure, right?

  1. It is so easy to go wrong in the makeup department. Stay away from products you have not used before (you never know what might cause an instant allergy) and don’t apply anything in a poorly-lit room. You want to look as flawless as possible on your big day, so make sure you choose a great makeup artist, or a friend who has the skills to apply a flattering “face”.
  2. Remember that your bridesmaids are not exactly willing to look like macarons in the pastel dresses you have in mind for them. If you really want to have a say in the choice of their outfits, suggest a certain style or color palette (that possibly matches your wedding theme), but let them choose what flatters them the most. You want to be surrounded by happy faces, right?
  3. Like it or not, you are not a superwoman, so get ready to deal with Nature’s calls several times on your wedding day. Make sure you can go to the toilet in peace, without a BFF that carries your train or helps you with a way too voluminous dress (ball gowns, I’m looking at you!). You will definitely need a little privacy – at least in the ladies’ room!
  4. Don’t ignore the table seating chart – a main ingredient for a successful reception. You should definitely avoid putting next to each other two aunts that still bear a grudge for a stolen boyfriend one lifetime ago or people with very different political views who can start an instant argument. It makes sense, right?
  5. The wonder-heels that are jaw-dropping, sexy and comfortable at the same time have not been invented yet. You need to patiently “train” in your bridal heels some days before your nuptials lest you should get serious pain and blisters, so be ready for a little sacrifice if you don’t want to spend most of your wedding day in flats.
  6. Don’t overdo it with the booze! You might think that getting drunk on your big day is the last thing that could happen. However, on a day like this with so much excitement going on, little food (your appetite will be most probably gone that day) and multiple toasts with every attending guest, you can hardly tell when you’ve had one glass too many.

Avoiding these things will save you unnecessary grief. Can you think of anything else that might ruin your bridal mood?

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