6 Useful Ideas to Limit Your Wedding Expenses

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Getting married on a budget? No problem, many couples do! This only gives them a reason to think out of the box and come up with bright ideas that save money but still allow for stylish affairs. It’s true, not every one can afford the nuptials of Hollywood celebs, par example, but we can still dream big, right?

If cutting down on wedding costs tickles your interest, here are some creative ideas that really work:

1.     Replacing Expensive Flowers With…

I know, flowers make any wedding setting look whimsical. But they cost a fortune! My idea is to keep the bouquet (to me this is a must for every bride), while choosing different decorations for the church and venue. How about lit candles of all sizes along the aisle, crystals and glitzy ornaments or colorful balloons? If you still want a touch of green, go for some beautiful filler flower arrangements. They will put a fresh spin on your wedding décor.


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balloon reception

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2.    Become Your Own Favor-Maker

Traditional wedding favors are a tad predictable. Here is your chance to show how original you are by creating personalized favors that won’t be re-gifted or thrown in the bin. Cute things like small jam or honey jars, organic soaps with essential oils, little photo-frames or plants that will eventually blossom will please every taste and, if the wrapping has your personal touch they will look even sweeter.


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peach jam

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soap wedding favors

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3.      Serve Signature Drinks (Only)

I can’t promise this initiative will please your guests, but it will definitely delight your pocket. In the absence of an open bar your guests could sip tasty signature drinks as an alternative. Make sure you have a stronger drink for the guys and a sweeter one for the gals, it usually works this way. In addition, you and your beau can come up with suggestive drink names that will make your friends and family smile. Problem solved!

signature cocktails

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drink tray

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4.     Buffet Vs. Plated Dinner

The wedding menu is oh-so-important! Never trade quality for quantity, you will not fool anyone. What you can do though is opt for a buffet dinner instead of a plated one. This will still save you some money, while making your guests move a bit more. Don’t worry, they will not complain about the exercise if the buffet is delicious!

catering table

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5.     Opt for an Off-the-Rack Wedding Dress

You are probably dreaming of a Vera Wang or a Jenny Packham custom-made dress. I know, I would be that girl too! But when a budget is not fit for couture, the best choice is to go for a ready-to-wear dress. Take enough time before your big day to visit every wedding store in search of your dream dress. I am confident that somewhere out there your ideal princess gown is waiting for you! It will probably not fit like a glove, so just make sure you know a skillful seamstress that can work her magic on your dress. It has to look picture-perfect on your wedding day.

off the rack dresses

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dress measuements

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6.     Be a Make-Up Artist for a Day

Professional make-up artists are rather pricey, so what about you, my dear future Mrs., starting to practise with your color box in advance and be your own make-up artist on the big day? Use quality products and opt for a flawless look that stays on throughout the day. And, just in case, ask your best friend to come and give you a hand (and a critical eye). Four eyes and hands are always better than two.  Considering yours might get a little shaky with excitement.

bridal lipstick

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Whatever you opt for, make sure you are comfortable with all your choices so you can have the time of your life at your wedding. And in case you have any personal tips on limiting your wedding expenses, just drop me a line.  Have fun!

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