7 Fun Ideas that Will Entertain Your Wedding Guests

You MUST have attended at least one ferociously boring wedding in your life. Remember? If the desire of having a magic wand that would make you vanish still lingers with you, one thing is sure: you would hate it if any of your guests felt the same way at your wedding!

In case you were trying to figure out some cool ways of entertaining your wedding guests, you just clicked on the right article. I am about to give you some nice ideas to keep everyone interested and involved on your big day. These options are all tried and tested and are sure to please.



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1. Amusing Advice Booklets

For a young couple who is about to start a fresh journey together experienced advice is priceless. Put on each table an advice booklet where your guests may write their own marriage tips & tricks, suggest possible names for your future children or come up with ideas for your first wedding anniversary destination. Expect some weird stuff as well. Which is cool, as long as it makes you smile.


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2. Requesting a Song with the RSVP Cards

Asking your guests to choose a special song they want to hear in the reception is thoughtful and sweet. Receiving their preference on the RSVP card will help you organize the playlist and will definitely give them something to look forward to during the evening. Just don’t be too surprised if you see them jump off their seats at some point shaking hips to their favorite tunes.

wedding fireworks

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3. Fireworks: Fantasy in the Sky

Fireworks are spectacular and oh-so-romantic, so light up the evening sky with a classy light show!  Your surprise will put a sparkle in the eyes of your guests, and their happy faces will definitely pay off for the cost of this little extravaganza.

Wedding Karaoke

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4. Karaoke: Music Heaven for Everyone

You might need to regulate the volume of the stereos for this one, but let it happen! Karaoke is great fun for everybody, whether they have been blessed with a remarkable singing voice or not. This incredible ice breaker will put smiles on every face, making your guests hum happily to the music.


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5. Play the Kissing Game

Your wedding is the supreme coronation of your love and, since non-stop kissing will be on the agenda anyway, let your guests have their say on those sweet kisses, as well. Playing the kissing game will be great fun: whenever you hear a glass clink you will have to give a smooch to your better half and, between  you and me, I think you will be dying to hear that crystalline sound all evening.


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6. Putting a fresh spin on a classic: the bride and groom dance

You might agree that the good old first dance can be a little dull. The groom usually moves like my grandma’s credenza and the choreography is minimal, not to say boring. Case in point the moment may seem endless to many of the guests.

Why not add the surprise factor to your first dance spicing it up with some cool beats? Switch unexpectedly from a slow dance to salsa caliente or even hip-hop, and offer your audience an original moment.


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7. Live Entertainment

A full dance floor will be a sign that your entertainment is a success. But let your guests take a break at some point to… enjoy a little surprise. An elegant couple of professional dancers, an exotic belly dancer, a spectacular hoola pro or a flamenco dancer will charm everyone. Needless to say what the male guests would opt for, if they had a chance.

Do you have any entertaining ideas for your wedding? Let’s make this list longer, girls!

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