7 Smart Ways for Single Girls to Survive a Wedding

Ok, so you happen to be single and you already know you will be attending not one, but two weddings this season. You say depressing, I say fun!

Although you know the chances of meeting Mr. Perfect at a wedding are pretty high, don’t count too much on fate. You are going to have a fun time no matter what, and here are seven things to take you through the happy event like a breeze, my dear single lady:

    1. Pick Your Outfit Carefully

Dress neither like mother superior, nor like a lap dancer. You need to look classy and feminine without being over the top. Let everyone wonder whether you came with a date rather than think your outfit screams “take me home with you”.

 2. Melancholy vs. High Spirits

I get it. Your best friend looks radiant in her wedding gown next to  her handsome groom and you still can’t listen to songs which remind you of your ex. Don’t you let that tear fall! Life goes on and your happiness is on its way (it might already be around you, if you opened your eyes wide to notice it!).

  3.    Find Good Company

A grumpy woman who looks like she’s waiting for the end of the world will only attract compassion. Don’t be that woman! Find a merry group of girls who seem to be having a nice time, and join the gang. You have many more chances to attract looks when you’ve got that luminous smile on your face.



Photo Source: theplace2.ru

4.      Play the Amateur Photographer

Finding a fun occupation, especially if the people you knew left the party, will prove extremely entertaining (and necessary). Take your camera and start taking shots of the newly-weds and of random guests. And at some point you can even focus on the best-looking single guys. I am sure they won’t mind it and, who knows, this could be the most original conversation starter ever.

  5.   Celebrate Your Singletude

Wait a minute, why shouldn’t you take advantage of your status? Make a memorable appearance and ooze sexiness! You can show up in a rented convertible, sashay in sky-high heels (yes, the ones that used to embarrass your ex because you were towering over him), or wear a “Pretty Woman” hat. Be visible without looking tacky! I bet some of the married ladies will envy you deep down inside. You wanna bet?

6.   Watch the Booze

No sane guy who’s single and looking will ever consider a drunk woman attractive. Keep an eye on your drinks and don’t let yourself go too much. Have no more than two glasses of alcohol and stick to the ladylike attitude. It’s called class.


Photo Credits: jlmcouture.com

7.      Avoid the Annoying “Single Gal” Clichés

Don’t try to get everyone’s attention! You will only look desperate. Try not to flirt with an ex that happens to be in the party, don’t do the baby talk in a loud voice to any of the guests’ babies and don’t attempt to deliver an emotional speech. “Better mysterious than obvious” should be your mantra.

With this lesson learned you are sure to be the most fabulous single girl at the party. Only two weddings this season? Too bad…

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