7 Things a Mother of the Bride Should Not Do

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On her daughter’s big day, the mother of the bride is probably more nervous than the superstar herself. You know how moms are – they feel totally overwhelmed with the mix of emotions such an event generates.

The mother’s presence is extremely important and reassuring throughout the day. The bride needs to know her mom is there for her, like she always has, telling her with just one look or a smile that everything is going to be ok.

There are, however, some rules of etiquette to be followed by every mother of the bride in order to avoid embarrassing and awqward moments. If you are the mother of the bride yourself, read them and keep them in mind. If you happen to know a lady who will play this beautiful part anytime soon, forward this article to her before she steps into the wedding game. She will thank you later.

  1. Be there on time

Being late is bad enough, but showing up behind schedule on your daughter’s big day is a huge no-no. You really don’t want to miss any precious second of the event you’ve dreamed of so many times, so you’d better get ready in time and be among the first guests to arrive.

  1. Wear anything but white

White, cream or ivory are the bride’s prerogative on this day but, luckily, there are so many other colors to choose from for your wedding outfit! Case in point, mom: just stay away from bridal white.

  1. Limit your drinking

Whatever you do, watch your alcohol intake. The worst thing that can happen to the mother of the bride is to get drunk in the wedding, and I am sure the thought of it does not appeal to anyone. Enjoy yourself, laugh, dance, eat, always keeping an eye on your glass. You will only feel sorry and ashamed seeing yourself on camera or in photos after the party, so don’t let that happen!

  1. Don’t be bossy

Especially if you were not involved in the wedding planning. The planner that has agreed on all the steps with the bride will probably be there taking charge, so there is no point in you trying to change, suggest or criticize anything. Really!

  1. Avoid major spotlight

This is your daughter’s day and, even if the mother figure is a very important one, you should be subtle and let the bride glow on this occasion. Let her be the center of attention, even if this is something you have enjoyed all your life.

  1. Try not to flirt (too much)

You might find a member of the staff, or worse, someone’s husband, attractive. On this day flirting must be limited and, as the mother of the bride, your behavior should be impeccable. After one too many glasses it is very easy to start picking on a guy you may fancy, and this will only create embarrassment.

  1. Keep your feelings to yourself

Even if you are not “head over heels” with your daughter’s future husband (it is enough if she is!), or you are not particularly keen on some of his family members, try not to express your feelings in a loud voice. Someone might hear you and the word may spread to your complete disadvantage. This is not the time, or the place for such personal considerations, so avoid any negative comment of the kind.

After all, these are all simple and common sense things that should not be too difficult to respect. Stay away from the above faux pas, mama, and you will make everyone happy!

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