Involve Your Groom in Wedding Planning

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Does your fiancé think that wedding planning should be exclusively your job, sweetheart? In this case he needs a little wake-up call: there are plenty of wedding planning things to involve your groom in!

If you are not exactly sure about the tasks your knight in shining armor could perform, here is a short list that will take some things off your chest, keeping him busy at the same time. After all, this wedding is for both of you!


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  1. Negotiating

If he has always impressed you with his negotiating skills, let him do the talking with vendors and suppliers. He might impress them as well, and hopefully get some discounts or extras in your wedding packages.

  1. Handling the Wedding Budget

Was he a little math prodigy in school? Then he will have no problem managing that delicate “money matter”, aka the wedding budget. This is a task he will definitely enjoy, especially if he gets to use a smart budget tool.

  1. Finding the DJ/Band

This research will be a very pleasant one. It will bring you together on “dates” where you will be listening to cool music, deciding on the DJ/band that will entertain your guests. Your groom could plan these nights out, then arrange with the lucky winner.

  1. Showing His Manly Skills

If he is into carpentry, here is a great opportunity for your future hubby to save some money and do a thing that could make him really proud of himself: build the ceremony canopy. You can come up with creative ideas yourself on how to embellish his masterpiece. Team work!


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5. Giving Clear Instructions to the Wedding Photographer and Cameraman

Speak to your fiancé about the photographs you want to have in your wedding album. Do some research together, decide on the poses, and let him lay out your rules and desires to the professional team in charge of your precious wedding memories.

6. Tipping (When Needed)

I always considered tipping a guy thing. Agree? Then let your love be the one that hands tip envelopes to the vendors at the reception. He will feel much more confident doing this than you.

7. Being in Charge of the Drink Menu

Let Prince Charming have his say on the liquor that will be served in your reception. For some extra fun he can even organize a little wine-tasting event with his closest friends to select a few favorites.

8. Showing Technical Skills

If he is a technical guy, rely on him to create a sweet wedding slideshow. He can select photos of you and your family, starting with cute baby pics, including some awkward teen shots, and also images of you as a couple. This will be super-fun for you and your guests to watch.

Can you think of more tasks for your future groom? Don’t be shy and share!

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