8 Unique Wedding Gifts Perfect for Last Minuet Shoppers

Oh no! You are heading to a wedding and you completely forgot to buy a gift. Where is the couple registered…..if you could only find the card….or remember their wedding website address? It’s easy to forget about the wedding gift when you are trying to find a babysitter, pick out shoes, or even get a date – never mind the hotel reservations and transportation. Don’t worry, we have you covered. These wedding gifts are sure to make the newlyweds smile and think to themselves, how thoughtful! (Oh and you can pick them up or print them out as you head to the church!)


1. Museum Membership

Perfect for couples who are artsy or creative. Choose a museum located close to the couple. Buy online, print out the receipt and stick it in the card! These memberships can include free entrance to the museum, ways to purchase art for their new home, and invitations to special events for date nights throughout the year.



simplysmittendesignsavailable on etsy via simplysmittendesigns

2. First Dance Wedding Lyrics

Choose this gift if the bride and groom spilled the beans about their first dance song! Print out the lyrics in a fun font, frame them and you have a homemade wedding gift that is full of thought. Paired the frame with any of the above gifts to supplement the cash output and personalize the gift.



designyoutrust3. Chilled Champagne.

Most brides and grooms focus so much on their wedding day that they forget about the wedding night. Take care of that for them and provide champagne and snacks for when they get back to their room. It’s attentive and memorable.



tsny-trapeze-school-nyc4. Cooking Classes or Flying Trapeze Classes

Are the newlywed’s adrenaline junkies or romantic homebodies? Give a local class that the two of them can enjoy together. It’s a perfect way for them to bond and they will absolutely remember you when they are flying through the air!


spafinder5. Honeymoon Surprise Activity

Did you grill the bride about the honeymoon plans during the bridal shower? Where are they going, what’s on their activity wish list, is it all inclusive? Surprise them at check in with a pre-planned day of fun or a romantic evening for two. Whether you want to treat them to a five star meal or purchase a spa day for the couple – this is a great surprise and thoughtful gift.



nosaraweddingsevents6. Pre-pay For the Wedding Night Hotel Room

Just remember to call ahead to the front desk before you stroll in with your credit card. Some hotels will provide free accommodations for the bride and groom if a certain amount of rooms were booked. However, this is an extremely sweet gift and they will thank you for it when they get their credit card bill the month after the wedding.




7. “Of the Month” Club Membership

Does the newlywed couple have high brown taste when it comes to cocktails? Or did they fall in love with each other’s foodie ideals? A cocktail of the month club from Julibox.com or even a chocolate of the month club from Mouth.com is a fun way for the newlyweds to look forward to each month of their first year as a married couple.




8. Cash, Check, or Card

After shelling out thousands of dollars for the biggest, most expensive, and luxurious day of their life – newlyweds love nothing more than cold hard cash. Find an ATM and a card and off you go in ten minutes or less! Or if that feels a bit too impersonal, choose a gift card sold at the grocery store checkout line. Bonus if the gift card helps them purchase the leftover items on their registry.

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