Add Some Wedding Humor with These Signs

Cute wedding signs are all the rage at weddings. Not only can brides make them match their style, theme, and colors, but they are also useful in directing guests where to go, what to do, and everything that is available to them. They are a simple and beautiful decor option.

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Many choose the sentimental route with their signs with the pick a seat not a side or adorable love quotes that bring tears to your eyes. These are great sign options. However, for the fun-loving couples who want to show who they are to their guests, fun and humorous signs are the way to go.

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While signs can be stated simply to direct guests, many couples choose to inject humor into their wording. Guests giggle while reading them and are put at ease. Since many guests feel uncomfortable at weddings, humor in your signs can help relax guests and let them know the goal of this wedding is to have a blast!

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Couples also use signs to show off their personality as a unit. Members from each side of the family, along with friends or coworkers, may know a lot about the bride or the groom, but not much about how they interact together as a couple. How you choose to write your signs will say a lot about who you are as a couple.

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Some couples choose to be plain hilarious in their wording. These fun signs tell the guests the wedding is going to be fun and relaxing. Others go the slightly more sarcastic route, joking about runaway brides and grooms or the bride being a bridezilla. These are the couples who can make fun of themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously.

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No matter what kind of fun approach couples use with their signs for wedding humor, they transmit a clear message. Their wedding day is special, but they also want to have a blast celebrating their union.

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