Add a Splash of Purple to Your Spring Wedding with Lilacs

Lilacs are the perfect flower to add to your spring wedding. Not only do they bloom in the spring, but they are also associated with renewal and fresh starts. They can add secret meaning and a beautiful splash of purple to your wedding.

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Lilacs are flowers that come from bushes, often reaching over 25 feet tall. The flowers are known for their lovely fragrance which is part of why many brides choose lilacs for their purple pop. While lilacs can also be white, pink, and red, purple lilacs symbolize purity and first love.

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Walt Whitman is famous for utilizing lilac symbolism in his poem “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d.” In the poem, lilacs were meant to symbolize life after death, which is exactly what love is meant to do.

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Lilacs have a history dating back to ancient times where they first began being cultivated. In Greek mythology, the nymph Syringa turned herself into a lilac bush to escape the aggressive advances of Pan, the god of the forest.

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The purple color helps make the lilac famous. Purple is most often associated with royalty. This is because Roman Emperors were often seen wearing purple. Soon, other leaders of countries throughout the 20th century began wearing more purple to show their wealth and power.

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Even Roman Catholic bishops began wearing purple to symbolize their power along with their piety and faith. Purple is the perfect color for those having a religious centric wedding, especially Catholic weddings.

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When the bride wants her wedding to be remembered, purple colors in her bouquet, dress, decor, and bridesmaids will help increase that sense of individuality. Since purple is a color that does not occur very often in nature, it is the color of individuality.

Photo Credit: The Knot, Style Me Pretty

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