Adorable Proof That Including Your Dog In Your Wedding Is A Great Idea

groom and dog

The amount we love our dogs is ridiculous. You may have argued with your significant other about whether or not to include your dog in your wedding. Since all of your social media accounts are overrun with pictures of your pup, why not add their adorable face to your wedding? These pictures prove that including your dog-child in your wedding day festivities is an adorable idea.

middlemen dogs

suited dog scruffy dog bowtie


There are many ways you can include your puppy in your wedding. You can simply dress him or her up to attend your ceremony.

festive dogs

pink tie pearls grumpy dogs happy wedding dog blue dress tux yorkieflower necklace


You can keep your pup in their formal wear at the reception where they can help clean up at the end of the night.

fancy tux hungry dog striped bowtie

Make your pooch a member of your wedding party. They can act as a flower girl, announcing to their human that the bride is coming down the aisle. They can also be a ring bearer, proudly sitting next to his humans until they need to exchange the rings.

wagon dogs

ring bearer signs with groom bridesmaid

You don’t have to limit your dog to the wedding day. Consider including the pup in pivotal moments. If you haven’t proposed yet, there are many dogs that have helped their humans hand the ring over.¬†There have even been dogs that used their cuteness to encourage a “yes!”

engagement nose ring

Your dog can help spread the word about your wedding by telling friends and family to Save the Date.

save the date save the date family save the date kiss

They can also help make your engagement session a lot more fun. For a casual, outdoor shoot, your dog can help bring out the love and personality you and your fiance have together.

engagement beah

dog pulling double dog sports engagement engagement kisses jumping for joy four kisses park bench engagement field engagement

Not including your adorable pup in your wedding festivities would be like making your child stay home instead of seeing their parents married. Your dog loves you and will love all the attention they will get on your special day.

dog blanket

engagement kneeling black and white engagement

My family surprised me by including my dog at my wedding. She was not dressed as elegantly as the pups above!

i do


Photo credits to The Knot, Pinterest, Sunlit Studios, and Huffington Post

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