Avoiding Bridal Beauty Disaster: Balancing Makeup

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Your wedding day is special, something I am sure you are very aware of! You want to look as beautiful as possible and sometimes that causes brides to go overboard. You might choose way too many flashy jewelry pieces that overwhelm your look. You could fall in love with an amazing pair of heels only to find they are impossible to walk in so you look like a stumbling flamingo (not that I know that from experience…). Or, you might under- or over-do your makeup. Luckily, I am here to give you guidance for the perfect makeup balance.

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Of course, every bride has different coloring and facial feature which requires different makeup looks. I am not going to tell you to go extremely natural or to avoid a dramatic cat eye look. Do whatever makeup technique looks the best with your face! However, there are some basics you need to know to keep your makeup balanced, no matter which look you go for.

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When you choosing your makeup look, make sure to choose a style you have worn successfully before even if you are getting it done professionally. If you have always had dramatic eye makeup, don’t decide to go more natural with sheer eyeshadow and minimum eyeliner or mascara. If you hardly ever wear makeup, don’t try black and silver nightclub shadows. You want to look like your best self, not someone else.

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Keep the actual makeup going on your face light. This means you shouldn’t smear on three different color correctors, foundation, coverup, powder, bronzer, blush, piles of eyeshadow, etc. Going overboard because you are worried you will look less than perfect will actually make you look worse. To help prevent this, have a trusted friend do your makeup or consult with a makeup expert.

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Make sure your face and body have the same coloring. To avoid a mismatched coloring look, choose a bronzer that matches the undertone of your skin. Even if you want dramatic cheek highlights, the bronzer should not be much darker than the skin on your neck and ears.

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Whether you are doing your makeup yourself or hiring an expert, always do a makeup trial a month before the wedding. Sometimes you may need to make a second trial a week or two before the wedding to finalize the look. It’s stressful to start your makeup the day of your wedding only to realize you hate it and spend half your morning scrubbing your face to fix it.

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Brides can go overboard the morning of their wedding because their eyes are puffy or have dark circles. Guess what? Every bride has that problem the morning of their wedding. You are not going to have a deep, peaceful, eight hour sleep the night before. You will either be out late at your rehearsal dinner, getting last minute things ready, or laying in bed staring at the ceiling with nervous excitement until 3 AM. That’s how it goes! To help prevent this, in the weeks leading up the wedding try to get seven hours of sleep every night. Also, drink alcohol in moderation. Excess alcohol can cause bad skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles.

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This may be the most important bridal beauty rule – waterproof mascara. You will be emotional! If you do start crying, hold a tissue at the sides of your eyes and capture tears there so your mascara and lashes don’t get ruined. Also, if you decide to go with fake lashes, make sure the glue is high quality. You don’t want your eyelashes falling off in the middle of pictures!

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The final tip to avoid a makeup bridal beauty disaster – make sure your bridesmaids have great makeup, too! Not only do you want to treat your bridesmaids and make sure they feel special and beautiful on your wedding day (after all, they are standing up there with you as well), but you also want your pictures to look spectacular. Send this blog post to your bridesmaids if you are doing your own makeup, or arrange for their makeup to be done the same time as you!

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