Avoiding Bridal Beauty Disaster: Fix a Bad Spray Tan

Every bride wants that beautiful, sun kissed look for their photos. Beautiful skin looks even more beautiful when reflecting off a white gown, right? Some brides start a careful tanning bed regimen. Others speed to the beach or lake every weekend if the weather is right to get their glow. The busier brides opt for a spray tan.

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While there is nothing wrong with getting a spray tan, there is a very fine line between sun kissed butter skin and a terrifying Jersey Shore look. You need to start experimenting with spray tanning early on in your engagement so you know the exact shade that will look beautiful on your skin to avoid a huge bridal beauty disaster. If, however, you are frantically searching the internet for ways to fix your botched spray tan days before your wedding, your Wedding Dash experts got your back! Try these four products to fix your spray tan woes.


Lemon juice is a natural spray tan remedy for small botches. It is perfect for overly dark spots around your fingers, toes, collarbone, or wherever the tanning spray collects. Put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and scrub away at the dark spots. Bonus of lemon juice – you get cheap spa exfoliation before the wedding!


You know those magic erasers that can get rid of permanent marker on walls and clean stains out of your toilet for you? There is a version specifically made for spray tan correction called Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover. You simply wet the sponges and wipe them on whatever part of your skin you want to correct (or all of your skin!). Beware: if you have a history of sensitive skin, these sponges might cause you to break out days before your wedding, the LAST thing you want!


For the really bad, sob-inducing, what-am-I-going-to-do-so-many-people-will-be-looking-at-me-and-there-are-going-to-be-pictures-which-last-forever spray tan botches, you want a product that you can slather all over your body to correct the issue. St. Tropez Tan Remover can be the solution. Use this product four hours after you tan for the best results. As soon as you freak out, go to Sephora and pick this up! Scrub all over your body with water to remove the orange.


When you still have that really bad spray tan that you have been lamenting over for hours or days before getting on Google to find a solution, you want Uh Oh Self Tan Remover. This product is best for tans that have been sitting for more than four hours. Press firmly onto dry skin, massaging into the tan, for a minute before wiping away. The majority of the color should come off.

Image Credit: The Knot

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