Avoiding Bridal Beauty Disaster: Week-by-Week

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Unintentionally, many brides make mistakes on the road to their wedding that create a bridal beauty disaster. Without realizing it, the bride tries something different to look extra amazing on her big day only to create some kind of blotch on her beauty. There are always ways to cover-up bridal beauty disasters, but here is a week-by-week guide to help you avoid any disaster from occurring.

One Month Before the Wedding

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  • Stick to your usual beauty routine. If you are looking to experiment with new products or routines, do it at least three months before the wedding. Some products can cause an allergic reaction that will damage your bridal beauty look.
  • Getting your first wax or trying a new wax should be done three months before the wedding. Once you find one that doesn’t cause a rash or any other ill-reaction, get your last wax treatment two weeks before the wedding.
  • Again, any beauty treatment such as facials or chemical peels should be done at least three months before the wedding to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Avoid salt during this period before the wedding. Sodium will hold 50 times its weight in water, making it really difficult for you to lose those last few pounds before the wedding. Cutting down your sodium intake will help you lose some water weight in that final push to look thinner and fit in your dress.
  • Likewise, don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol in the month before the wedding. Alcohol causes bloating, swelling, and puffiness especially on the face. Keep it to a minimum so your skin glows.

The Week of the Wedding

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  • Only use light exfoliation. If you over-do your exfoliation, your skin will become dehydrated and your makeup application will not be smooth.
  • Have your final hair appointment the week before. Now, when I say hair appointment, I do NOT mean cut and color. The cut and color should be done 2-3 weeks before. Your hair will not grow much in that time and it gives you an opportunity to fix any mistakes the stylist made. Your one week appointment should be hairstyle finalization only.
  • Make your nail appointment no further than two days before the wedding. Getting your nails done early will inevitable cause chips in the design. For a fun experience, take your bridesmaids, mothers, and VIPs out to get your nails done together!
  • Become a vampire and avoid the sun. You need to knock out all your tanning, both natural and spray, well before the one week mark. You don’t want a sunburn or an overly orange spray tan to ruin your bridal look. Wear sunscreen when you know you will be outside for extended amounts of time, use a foundation with SPF, and wear a hat.
  • Reduce food consumption that can cause breakouts, such as chocolate. Make sure you remove your makeup and wash your face every night to prevent breakouts. Also wash your sheets and pillowcases the week before to remove lingering oils that can cause breakouts.

The Day of the Wedding

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  • Don’t eat or drink anything with a dark tint. Not only do you risk spilling it on your gown, but it can also stain your teeth. Examples of dark foods and drinks include red wine, coffee, and chocolate.
  • While you should wear SPF foundation or sunscreen leading up the wedding day, do not wear it the day of the wedding. SPF reflects light off your skin and can cause problems with your look in professional photos.
  • Do not wash your hair the day of the wedding. You need a little bit of grease in your hair so the hairstyle grabs better and holds all day. Wash your hair the day before instead.
  • Drink a ton of water all day. Don’t worry about water weight because it won’t show the day of. You need to stay hydrated so you don’t become faint and you want your skin to stay hydrated as well.
  • Do not pluck your eyebrows the day of the wedding! It will leave them red, swollen, and irritated all day. Don’t even pluck a single hair! If getting them done professionally, book it three days before the wedding. You can pluck extra hairs the day before the wedding, but not the day of.

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