Barn Weddings – Rustic and Elegant

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You don’t have to be a cowgirl boots wearing, Miranda Lambert stomping, rodeo going, YEE HAW kinda gal, to plan your wedding day around a rustic barn venue!   All different kinds of brides are using barns to add a special touch to their day. In my opinion, a barn venue speaks for itself, some brides add just a splash of color to brighten up the room, and some brides have dressed up the barn with elegant chandeliers.  Whether you choose to dress it up, or let it speak for itself, barn weddings are getting increasingly popular, and I think you will see why below.

If you want more than the natural wood beauty that a barn has, you can always add a pop of color.   It brightens it up, and can make an ordinary table seem extravagant.

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My most favorite thing about a barn wedding is the doors!  They make the best pictures and they can be, by far the most unique part of the barn! Again, you can leave them, or you can add a few subtle decorations to make them stand out that much more!

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If I could do it all over again I would have chosen a barn as my wedding venue simply for the decorations!  There are so many amazing ideas and they are the coolest part of the wedding photos, check out some of my most favorites!

barn decorPhoto Credit:carolinetran

Literally, the only decorations that where used for this particular wedding were hanging lights and a few candles on the table!  It makes this so elegant and intimate!

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Drapery is a beautiful way to welcome your guest and it makes beautiful background for your wedding pictures!

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Chandeliers are an amazing touch to any wedding, but it is front and center in this barn.

barn chandalierphoto Credit:intimateweddings

Barn wedding venues are gaining popularity, but the right one can be very difficult to find…plan ahead if you choose a barn setting for your wedding day!

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