How to Beat the Rainy Wedding Day Blues

Raining on your special day?  Don’t let the drizzle get you down!  Make the best of it with your true love, and your smiles will cut through all the grey.

rain walk
Photo Courtesy:  John Hope

Take some photos with your beau, just try not to get too drenched.  Grab an umbrella or two to keep your hair and makeup from getting ruined.  Even if there’s a serious thunder storm going on you might be able to snag a stellar picture or two.  A kiss beneath a chandelier of lightning is gorgeous, and wonderful to have framed.

If you’re planning having an outdoor wedding or reception be sure to have a plan B.  A gazebo or covered patio will do nicely in case of a storm.  Even a tree might provide enough of a barrier to the rain.  If the rain does come, don’t be glum: rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck!

rain dash
Photo Courtesy:  Luca Rossato

Even if it starts to pour and everyone gets completely drenched, there’s no excuse to be down and out.  Think of the good things, and maintain a positive attitude.  You only get one wedding day, so there’s nothing to do but make the best of it!

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