The Best Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time

Wedding dresses in movies are always absolutely amazing and drool-worthy for any girl. Thanks to the high-salary clothing designers hired for production, the dresses were made for the actress wearing them, the personality of the character she is playing, and have no expense spared. Even though you can’t hire your own personal wedding dress designer to make a dress that just fits, you can look at these amazing cinema wedding dress creations and get some design inspiration.

maria wedding dress

There is definitely no reason to solve a problem like Maria when she is wearing a timeless wedding dress like this. The Sound of Music is set in Austria in the 1930s, just before the start of WWI. The form-fitting silken dress is also close to historical accuracy. The designer did add more of an A-Line shape to the dress when most women those days were wearing sheath. But Maria was a nun, so modesty would have been considered in her dress selection.

maria walking the aisle maria and kids


The train on this dress is absolutely gorgeous, billowing behind her as she walks and gathering perfectly when she turns. However the veil is the most memorable part of this dress. It seems to stretch across the entire cathedral! While the veil is not historically accurate, it made every girl who has ever watched the movie swoon for a veil that spectacular for their wedding day.

notebook wedding dress notebook wedding hair

Allie’s wedding dress in The Notebook never made it to an actual wedding day, but there is no mistaking it is beautiful. The dress symbolizes the change over in style from the 1940s to the 1950s, capturing the best elements of both eras. Just think of how beautiful Allie’s wedding dress was when she married Noah!

anne hathaway dress bridewars both dresses Anne Hathaway Wedding Gown kate hudson bridewars

All the focus was on designer Vera Wang in the lackluster Bride Wars. Even though the movie wasn’t the greatest, the wedding dresses worn by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are amazing. What is great about each dress is they completely symbolize each of the character’s personalities and backgrounds.

katherine dress katherine walking the aisle malin runway wedding dress malin dress

Even though 27 Dresses was completely focused on Katherine Heigl’s overflowing closet of crazy bridesmaids dresses, the wedding dresses in the movie are impressive as well. The difference in the wedding dresses for Malin Ackerman and Katherine Heigl show off their character’s personalities and styles perfectly (as we remember when Malin Ackerman cut up their deceased mother’s wedding dress without any sentimentality – cruel!).

img-thing bella wedding shoes bella gown hand back bella dress bella wedding dress

Whatever your feelings are on the Twilight series, there is no denying that Bella’s wedding dress in Breaking Dawn is breathtaking. The dress combines both vintage design with modern flair. The silken material, the gorgeous sleeves, and the vintage buttons are beautiful while the sheer back with lace scroll work is jaw dropping. And Bella’s shoes are a beautiful bonus. Retailers are even selling replicas of Bella’s shoes for brides to buy.

Which of these movie dresses is your favorite? Or if you have a gown you think deserves to be on our ‘best movie wedding dresses’ list leave us a comment! If you liked this post, check out our other on the best celebrity wedding dresses of all time.

Photo Credit: Fan Pop, Pinterest, Coture Brides, Style News, Daily Mail, Polyvore, VaVaVoom Vintage Blog, Entertainment Weekly, Wedding Bee.

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