The Best Wedding Day Advice Ever!

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By month two of wedding planning most brides have learned to grin and bear all the wedding advice that gets thrown their way. From color palletes to venues to menus, even to hairstyle suggestions – brides will hear more than their share of well-intentioned suggestions in the months leading up to their wedding. Some of it will be amazing advice from recent brides and talented vendors but most of it will be from family members, co-workers, and even strangers wanting to provide some wisdom and feel included. Unfortunately 99% of it will be clichéd and out of date. Weddings are full of sticky situations, hurt feelings, stress, and decisions. The year leading up to your wedding will test your decisiveness, sense of self, and your relationships. You will spend hours looking at tablescapes and fiddling with your ever shrinking budget, just to fit in your third cousin’s semi-serious boyfriend of two months because everyone thinks he’s “the one”.  While you are trying to accommodate everyone, they each have a suggestion of how you could improve the wedding even more. So from the mouths of newly married ladies, here is the best wedding day advice for brides-to-be via


“…my advice would be to pad […] your day-of schedule! Our wedding started at 5PM, so the hair and makeup people arrived at … 11AM. We had plenty of time to get all our hair and makeup done, eat lunch, drink wine, take pictures, and we still all had 45 minutes of down-time to just chill out (and drink a LOT more wine) before the ceremony started … right on time! Honestly, that 45 minutes of chill-out time was probably the most important part of the day. It can be easy to get a little worked up as the witching hour approaches, so sitting there with the bridal party drinking wine, in no hurry whatsoever and with no other task except to relax and get ready to get hitched, was the best thing ever!!!” – iarebridezilla


“Delegate, delegate, delegate and make sure those people will actually do the stuff they are delegated with. The best thing was to delegate a family member to round up other family members for photos. The worst is for you to be yelling at your dad to come stand beside you.” – stargurl101


“If something goes wrong, take a deep breath and realize that it would be a real shame to spend any part of the day upset!” – gardendahlia


“The day goes by fast!  Crazy fast.  I have 2 pieces of advice.  1) Take some time out for just you and your hubby right after the ceremony just to take it in.  People will try to get you to keep on moving, but you should go off somewhere by yourself just to soak each other up.  2) Someone else said this and I wish I had done it, share a toast or something with the people at each table.  They’ll appreciate that you took the time to acknowledge they came.” – vivshanks



“Just remember to breathe and try to live in the moment. Someone told me before my wedding that if you try to live in the moment as much as possible, and make a conscious effort to go back and remind yourself to take it all in, then after the wedding you really have a much better remembrance of the day and how you felt in those special, important moments. To me, my day definitely did not fly by and I remember so much of it.” – star_dust

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