Bridal Beauty Tips for Being Camera-Ready

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Your wedding day isn’t the only upcoming event where you’ll want to be camera-ready. From the kick-off engagement party to your last single night out with the girls, you’re going to be looking back at these memories for a lifetime—so why not look your best?

Whether you’re leaving most of your makeup application to the pros or will be DIY up until the day you say, “I do,” these bridal beauty tips will ensure you look flawless in front of every flash.


Find Your Perfect Match

You don’t want a shade of foundation too light for your skin, or a bronzer so dark it makes the contrast between your face and neck look light night and day. When choosing a foundation, apply samples to clean skin and let set before judging. After a little time passes, most makeup will oxidize and become darker, so you don’t want to choose a shade prematurely. Stepping out in natural light is a great second test to see how close of a match a shade is. What looks perfect indoors can be a whole different story in sunlight…

A general rule of thumb for bronzer is that it should be one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. When trying different options, your best bet is to sample on the inside of your forearm, which tends to be a close match to your face color.


Avoid Raccoon Eyes

While tears of happiness are pretty standard around wedding time, raccoon eyes shouldn’t be. Invest in quality waterproof mascara that will hold up against teary moments. We love Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Mascara for its anti-smudge ability and the fact that it makes eyelashes look unreal (in a good way). Also keep on hand an under eye concealer with yellow undertones that you can use for touch ups in emergency situations. The yellow base will help counteract any darkness from your eye makeup.

boscia blotting

Fight Shine

Whether you’re wedding in warm weather, or are just the type to get a bit shiny, oil-blotting sheets are a lifesaver! Keep them close by and pat one gently over your face when needed. They will gently remove any excess oil or perspiration without smudging your makeup. Our personal favorite is Boscia’s Blotting Linens. They are super lightweight and come in two varieties, original for all skin types and green tea for those with sensitive skin.

flushed cheeks

Don’t Let the Camera Steal Your Glow

Ever wonder why you look washed out in photographs while in the mirror you appear to be full of color? The flash on some cameras can affect the exposure of a shot, making some of us look a bit ghostly. While we can’t control all the cameras that snap our picture (if only…), we can use deep-pigmented makeup, which will stand strong even against the most unforgiving flashes.

MAC is a favorite among makeup artists for their concentrated products that are highly pigmented and long lasting. Most boutiques offer a consultation when you make a purchase, and will offer some application tips and color suggestions. If you’re not looking to splurge on all new products, try incorporating a few key pieces like a flattering blush and lip color that gives you a healthy glow on and off camera.

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