Bridesmaid Booty Shots?


Over the years wedding photo trends have come and gone with not much to be said but this latest trend is making waves!  Bridesmaid booty shots ….that would make anyone want to actually look through a wedding album..or would it?  Every day we are seeing more and more photos circulating with brides and their maids not leaving much for the imagination!  Don’t believe me….check out these booty baring photos below!

bootyPhoto Credit: theknot

booty1Photo Credit: 360nobs

What do you think?  I have to admit, when I saw the first photo pop up, I laughed and just chalked it up to one crazy group of gals, but a trend……I just don’t think this is a trend that I can get excited about.  When I think about a wedding, I think about tradition, and a sacridness that is supposed to be between the bride and the groom and I just can’t find the correlation between bare butts and a wedding, it is supposed to be a celebration of two becoming one.  Yes, I understand, there is a time and a place for crazy girl booty fun, like maybe at the bachelorette party, and I would even be ok with you airing it publicly all over the internet world if thats your thing!  But flipping through pictures of your grandparents and you on your wedding day, then to turn the page and see a bunch of butts pop up, just seems a bit raunchy to me.

booty2Photo Credit: bustle

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for silly, different and out side of the box wedding photo ideas, props, outfits, clowns…anything! But please, leave the rest to the imagination!  Am I the only person that doesn’t want my husband or even my wedding photographer having to look at all my friends back sides!  I would love to see brides focus on getting an “aw, that is so beautiful!’ reaction, rather than making us all want to, well……gag.

Do you think this is a trend you will get on board with?  I wonder what brides will do with this trend, now that it has gone viral!

Happy wedding season!


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