Bridesmaid Bouquets: Choose Flowers to Suit Her Personality

Though you love them all, each of your bridesmaids are as different from one another as can be.  Some may be introverted while others are the life of the party.

Why not choose flowers to suit their individual personalities?  Attach a handwritten note explaining why you chose the flowers you did.  Your personal touch will let her know just how much you care.

You may have heard that each type of flower carries its own unique symbolism.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Rose:  Love, Passion, Beauty
Daffodil:  Respect
Iris:  Faith, Wisdom, Inspirational
Lily:  Purity, Sweetness
Daisy:  Innocence, Purity
Forget-Me-Nots:  Faithfulness, Fidelity
Chrysanthemum: Truth, Happiness
Orchid:  Love, Elegance
Tulip:  True Love
Violet:  Modesty
Zinnia:  Charitable

bridesmaid rose iris bouquet
Photo Courtesy: Lezumbala Berenjena

For example, this bridesmaid bouquet above, adorned with roses, irises, and violets would fit perfectly in the hands of a woman who is modest, wise, and beautiful.

bridesmaid wildflower
Photo Courtesy: Beloved

Here’s a novel idea: if you’re having a spring or summer wedding when the flowers are in bloom, go with your bridesmaids to a flower laden field and have them pick their own bouquets.  It’ll not only allow your ladies to choose a bouquet that’s perfect for them, but it’s a great experience to share together with the people you love.


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