Bridesmaids Etiquette: What to Do On Her Special Day.

Calling all bridesmaids!  Here’s what to do (and not to do) on your gal pal’s wedding day.

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Photo Courtesy: Julián

1.   Don’t wear white!  This is probably the number one wedding tip, bridesmaid or not.  If you aren’t having a designated bridesmaid dress, wear a classy colored gown.  Black will look a bit dreary, so brighten it up a bit.

2.  Don’t overdress the bride.  Keep it more demure than sexy.  Choose a tasteful neckline and hem length. Also, avoid a lot of sparkles.  You want to look gorgeous, but you don’t want to draw any attention away from the leading lady.

3.  Have fun, but keep it together.  Have a few drinks, sure, but tonight isn’t the night to let it all hang out.  Getting tipsy is fine, but getting fall on your face drunk is never nice.

4. Don’t be selfish.  You may be all dolled up, but the spotlight isn’t on you.  If your bride asks you a favor or gives you a suggestion, take it in stride.  Support her!  She gave you this honorable position with love.  Appreciate her trust and friendship.

5.  And of course, for the most important tip of all: HAVE FUN!

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Photo Courtesy: Héctor Mota

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