Bridesmaids Gifts They Actually Want

When I was planning my wedding, I had the hardest time finding the perfect presents to tell my bridesmaids thank you for all they do. However every blog and wedding planning website I read had the worst gifts for bridesmaids. Tumbler cups with their initial. Cheap material makeup bags with their name sewn in thread. Wal-Mart quality t-shirts and tank tops with the word “bridesmaids” in rhinestones. You don’t want your bridesmaids gifts to be ¬†quick, easy, and meaningless.

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Many brides think that just getting the bridesmaids initial on some sort of object is personalization. That does not represent how much each of these ladies mean to you. Instead, you need to get more unique on personalization. Choose birth stones, zodiac signs, or special monograms.

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You also don’t need to personalize at all. To limit one of their expenses, you can get them a gorgeous pair of heels they can wear after the wedding. To make it sentimental, you can write a note on the bottom of the shoe explaining how grateful you are they are there on your special day.

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There is no rule that says every bridesmaid needs the same thing either. Feel free to get each bridesmaid something different. Pretend like you are shopping for their birthday or for Christmas. This is a good way to show every bridesmaid that they are individual and important.

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Bridesmaids have a very difficult job. It goes so much further than support. They are spending money on things they may not want, such as dresses and shoes, to make you happy. They are there to help you plan and figure out major roadblocks in your wedding. They are giving you advice on how to handle family, what hairstyle to choose, where to get nails done the day of the wedding. And they are doing everything they can to throw you an awesome bridal shower and bachelorette party. Show them that you appreciate everything they are doing with a meaningful gift.

Photo Credit: The Knot, Etsy, Pinterest.

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