Celebrity Wedding Planning ::: 2014 Edition

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Alright WeddingDashers, Jenni here, your resident Wedding Planner to the STARS!…O.k., not really…but a girl can dream!  2013 was no doubt filled with epic celebrity engagements and since we never know who will actually make it down the isle, I thought why not get ahead of the game here and get some of these weddings put together!  So Kim, Lauren, Olivia and Jenn you ladies just sit back and let me take care of your wedding arrangements…trust me you wont be disappointed.

With the Kimye engagement fresh on our minds thanks to E! airing the precious moment on national television, lets start there.  (Unfortunately) We all saw Kim walk down the isle to he-who-shall-not-be-named in Aug 2011 in an over the top, extravagant, all white wedding.  All though over-the-top is nothing short of the perfect way to describe Kim, (and Kanye for that matter) I would like to think that this time around (3rd time is a charm *fingers crossed*) Kim will do Kim…in an edited way.  I would go so far as to say, even though I would love to watch, maybe just keep it private, no TV’s…Sorry E!.  With all that said, here is my inspiration board for Kimyes special day.
   kim wedding dress
long white tablegold table scape
black white weddingblack crystal water glass
sylvia weinstock cake
Although it’s hard for me to leave the drama of Laguna Beach behind and realize that LC, I mean, Lauren Conrad is a real woman, I guess she’s given me no choice with her engagement to cutie William Tell.   I’m not surprised to see that she has become quite a successful entrepreneur, from NY Times Best Sellers to amazingly chic fashion lines.  I have high hopes that her nuptials will be simple, and tastefully vintage.
simple cake
vintage wedding vintage doors \
 light anthrolace anthro
bottles table
I don’t know about the rest of you but its taken a long time for me to get over Jennifer Aniston’s heartbreaking split to B. Pitt.  She and Pitt were the perfect couple and I think we were all taken by surprise when we found out it was over.  Thankfully Jenn has found love with bad-boy Justin Theroux and now they are tying the knot!  I would take a wild guess that this wedding day will be on paparazzi-lock-down and we will be left to our own imaginations to picture how it all looked.  If I had it my way the wedding would be small, maybe in a vineyard, slightly casual, yet amazingly beautiful, just like the bride herself.
aislesmall party
vera wang
 wine barrelswinery
white cake
Funny man Jason Sudeikis asked exotic beauty, Olivia Wilde to be his wife in January and lucky for him, she said YES!  Olivia Wilde is a determined and some-what serious chick that is very focused and grown up, while Sudeikis is known as quite the party animal.  This creates a bit of a clash of worlds when planning this event, but who said even the most serious of folks can’t get down on their special day!  Family friendly, yet fun and relaxing is definitely the way to go here.
 invitations reception
shoes silver wedding cake maggie sottero
There is nothing left for me to do…my work here is done.  Now we will just sit back and enjoy the 2014 Celebrity Wedding Show!
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