How to Choose an Ideal Grooms Cake:

From cakes shaped like cars to fancily decorated beauties, there are endless possibilities to choose from for your grooms cake.  Here are some things to consider before you make your decision:

What type of ceremony are you having?  Is it formal and proper, or a little more on the edge?  You can either have a regular layered cake, or have a cake with a more humorous touch.  If you prefer, you can incorporate your groom’s interests, or just keep it simple.  Whatever you decide, your guest are sure to love the encore celebration of cake… times two!


grooms cake choc
Photo Courtesy: Pretty Daisies

Having a traditional ceremony?  A classic choice is a handsomely decorated chocolate cake like the one above.  The top layer is raspberry, and the bottom is milk chocolate.  The whole cake is adorned in dark chocolate icing with a delicate milk chocolate piped swirls.  Topped with freshly picked daisies, this groom’s cake is sure to appeal to both your taste buds and your guests’.


The grooms cake
Photo Courtesy: Chris Waits

Here’s another classy cake, espresso flavored draped in caramel crème buttercream frosting.  Between the two layers is a thick caramel.  Topped with dark chocolate bonbons, this cake is beyond decadent.  Piped with the groom’s interests, this cake is classy, yet personal.  How chic!

If you plan on having designs piped onto your cake, be sure to hire a professional.  There’s nothing worse than a poorly decorated cake.  It may taste great, but the results may be laughable.  Throw in a couple extra dollars to make sure you end up with a cake that is deserving of your celebration.


grooms cupcakes
Photo Courtesy: Pony Girl


Don’t want a large cake?  Instead of investing in another fancy thing, your groom’s cake can give you a chance to be a bit more playful.  Why not provide your guests with cupcakes?  These pretty minis are lemony vanilla with a vanilla marshmallow frosting.

Consider adorning the cupcakes in a sophisticated yet simple paper wrapper to add a bit of extra flair.  You can even add a filling to your cupcakes, think fruit, cream, or chocolate.  Or, add some chocolate swirl or decorations.  Go wild!


grooms cake pops
Photo Courtesy: Christi Johnstone

Another great idea for your groom’s cake is to try out some cake pops.  Cake pops look great as a centerpiece on the table, and the only limit to the flavors is your imagination.  If you’re already full of delicious treats, why not tie a bow around each individual cake pop’s stem and send them home with your guests.

The cake pops above look stunning in a simple clear glass.  The white sprinkled pops are vanilla with chocolate frosting.  The chocolate sprinkles are chocolate on chocolate.  The ones without sprinkles are strawberry filled.  Yum!

The number one thing to remember when you’re trying to figure out your groom’s cake is: YOUR GROOM!  What are his favorite flavors?  What does he like?  This is his cake, so let him make the decisions on this one. Even better, choose together!  That is what it’s all about, after all.

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