Clever DIY Wedding Favors

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diy donuts
Photo Courtesy: Amy Gizienski

Unique and fun, give your guests a box of a dozen ultra mini donuts.  Simply get a matchbox and wrap it in your favorite wrapping paper.  Get some donut stickers or draw them on yourself.  For the “donuts” themselves, just get some Cheerios, and frost and sprinkle them.  Frosted Cheerios look like glazed donuts, and if you shake them in a little powdered sugar, you’ll take them to the next level.


diy pins
Photo Courtesy: Milly

How about chic pins or buttons?  Get your own button making machine for the fraction of the cost of getting them made for you.  The favors above were for a New York City based wedding, and are pieces of a NYC road and subway map.  You could use your favorite wrapping paper, inserts out of a magazine, wallpaper scraps, your own drawings, anything!  Let your imagination run wild.


diy box
Photo Courtesy: Luxury Wedding Favors

You can purchase these DIY boxes online, and fill them with whatever you desire:  Chocolates, candles, figurines, or flowers.  Tie the top together with a silk ribbon to tie the whole package together.  If you’re particularly crafty, you can use specialized paper punches or an x acto knife to make your own patterns.


diy candle
Photo Courtesy: Gemma Morgan

While these candles above aren’t handmade, they are great inspiration for your own DIY wedding favors.  Homemade candles are simple to make.  All you need are cute votives or tins to hold your handmade creations.  Use floral or spiced scents that will compliment your celebration, but don’t overdo the aroma.


diy cd
Photo Courtesy: Salicia

Make your own personalized CDs for your guests!  If you’re musically inclined, make your own songs.  If you’re more of a fan than a musician yourself, choose some of your favorite songs, or even the tunes you used at the service and reception.


diy dragonfly
Photo Courtesy: Ben Alman

Origami is a universally appreciated art form.  Choose an animal or symbol that speaks to both you and your future spouse, and place them on the table setting for your guests to enjoy and take home with them.  This is a great project to do together, just relax and have some fun with it!  Remember that Origami is time consuming, so leave yourselves plenty of time to make the necessary folds.


diy soap
Photo Courtesy: Nina Pinka

Homemade soap is simple to make and can produce some truly beautiful results.  Choose your favorite essential oils to scent the soap, and research a bit about soap making before getting started.  It might take a few practice batches before you get the consistency and appearance you desire.  Test your soap before handing it out to your guests.  Use all organic products to make sure it’s comfortable and safe to use.  Wrap your bars in a personalized wrapper with notes on what’s in the soap.

Utilize your artsy side to make heartfelt favors for your wedding.   Besides saving oodles of cash, your guests will appreciate your homey touches.  Wedding favors don’t have to be a pain: doing it yourself will make it an enjoyable experience!

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