Compromising 101

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So, you’re finally tying the knot.  Whether you’ve known each other for ages, or are really still getting to know one another, other than love, the most important aspect to any long lasting relationship is compromise.

Surely, you’re already aware of this, but sometimes compromising is easier said than done.  This is especially true during this important phase of your life.  While your matrimony is beyond wonderful, it can also cause undue strain on your relationship.  Ironic, no?  Here are four tips to bear in mind as your wedding day approaches, and to keep the two of you as level headed as possible.

compromise talk
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  1. Appreciate the Value of Conversation:
    Communication is the foundation of any relationship.  If you can’t communicate you can’t accomplish anything.  Take as much time as you can every day to talk to one another.  Even if your schedules are separate and busy, you need to be able to communicate regularly.  Take time for date nights and outings, and remember why it is you fell in love with one another.  Keep your priorities in order, and don’t let money or power get in the way of your true goal:  happiness.

compromise success
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  1. You’re at a Crossroads:
    This is it, guys.  You’re making a huge commitment here.  While there are hundreds of roads to choose from, there are two basic options ahead of you:  success or failure.  Sorry to be so grim, but it’s the truth.  As unfortunate of a statistic as it is, it’s true:  About half of the marriages in the US end in divorce.  Why do they fail?  That’s a whole different story, but a lot of it boils down to a lack of communication, and a failure to compromise.  Sure, you’re two different people, but now, you’re a single entity.  Sometimes it’s better to yield than put up a fight, so choose your battles wisely.

compromise fortune
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  1. Yes, You’re Going to Argue:
    You two aren’t going to see everything eye to eye.  You may be the ultimate love birds, but even our avian friends get into a pecking contest every now and then.  When you have an argument, bear this in mind:  “The purpose of argument should not be victory, but progress.”  An argument is not something to be won.  Remember to think before you speak, because you can’t take back hurtful words.  And besides, you’d never ever want to hurt the one you love!

compromise rings
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  1. Be Patient and Loving:
    Being sweet to one another will help you to overcome any adversity.  It’s much easier to compromise when you’re really seeing things from the other person’s perspective.  Be open and honest with one another, and remember that nobody’s perfect.  Everyone can be immature and selfish sometimes, so be gentle with your partner, kindly sharing your viewpoint.  Even in the face of hardship, how’s the best way to deal with differing views?  Showing each other your love:  It’s as simple as that!

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