Cool & Unusual: Unexpected Details For A Unique Wedding

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We all want our wedding to be special and memorable. Whether that’s accomplished by an out-of-this-world dessert station, the best DJ playlist of all time, or a firework show for the books is up to you. But to help amp up your wedding’s cool factor, we’ve compiled this list of suggestions, from quirky to cute, that could truly make for a very unique wedding.


Table Number Twist

Rather than marking tables numerically, create fun labels like Cool Kids, Best Dancers, or Trouble Makers. They don’t need to be literal (i.e. it’s okay to sit your great aunt at the Young and Fabulous table). But they will make guests laugh and simultaneously serve as icebreakers at mismatched tables.

Groomsmen Gone Wild

Boys will be boys… or better, groomsmen will be groomsmen. Superhero under armor? Matching wayfarers? “Creative” cufflinks? Whatever they’re plotting let them have their fun. Most of it’s pretty harmless and if nothing else their epic endeavors will lead to some laugh-out-loud moments (and pretty awesome pictures).


Polaroid Cameras > Photo booths

These days it’s shocking when you attend a wedding that doesn’t have a photo booth. And although we have to admit, they rarely cease to be a good time, they no longer make a wedding standout like they once did. A fun alternative is to set up a photo stand with Polaroid cameras for guests to take control of. Decorate the table with pictures of you and the groom, and set up a photo drop box with a sign asking guests to share their work.


Inside Out

Take indoor elements outside to set a spectacular scene. A lounge area with couches and coffee tables makes cocktail hour more fun and creates a relaxed ambiance that is welcoming to guests. We also love the idea of wiring chandeliers above tables. When the sun sets the unexpected vision of floating chandeliers in the night sky is so dreamy.



Place Cards

Place cards need to serve a function (tell your guests where they are sitting) and not get lost (more of an issue at outdoor weddings). Combining function with fun is easy in this case, as seen above. One couple used oranges as a way to display their place cards, while another played off their outdoor theme by using small stones to make sure the wind didn’t get the best of their place cards.


Creative Cocktails

Think up a few cocktails that are unique to your wedding. You can change the names of popular drinks to incorporate your names, the location of your wedding or its theme, or anything that represents you as a couple. If you have mixologist skills, do one better and create your own custom cocktail. Place a sign at the bar to advertise your concoctions, and list ingredients. You can even have coasters printed with the recipe for inquiring guests to take home.

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