The Most Creative Non-Floral Bouquets

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More and more brides are choosing to sport non-floral bouquets for themselves and their bridesmaids. When they are done right, non-floral bouquets are completely beautiful and show off the creativity and unique qualities of the bride. They also help brides on a budget save money by not choosing floral bouquets and can fit in perfectly with different themes.

red flowerpink silver ball

colorful ball light blue ball

white nest fall leaves dried flowers leaves Wheat pumpkin dried flowers bouquet pinecone pinecone

For instance, if you are having a fall or winter wedding, you could add evergreen stems and pinecones to your bouquet. You can also create a bouquet out of Christmas ornaments in your wedding colors. For autumn, a beautiful bouquet for the season would be one made of autumn leaves.


seashells small shellspaper flowers butterflyfake butterfly

Sunshine colorful

For a spring or summer wedding, create a bouquet out of seashells.  You could create a wedding bouquet out of fresh, natural herbs. This still recalls the original tradition of a floral bouquet – to add a beautiful scent to the bride walking down the aisle. You can also create a bright and vibrant bouquet out of paper flowers, add butterflies to your bouquet, or create a natural bouquet made out of vines.

pink black feathers cream feathers

peacock feathers spotted feathers

No matter when your wedding is, you can gather a bundle of beautiful feathers that fit in with your colors and use them as your bouquet. 

fake flowers fabric flowers satin flowers felt flowers light flowers small white flowers pink flowers book page flowers

Paper bouquets are extremely popular for the ultimate DIY bride. There are many tutorials on Pinterest that explain how to create paper flowers of any kind to make a beautiful bouquet. Using the pages from the couple’s favorite book or another romantic novel can have great secret symbolism. Creating bouquets out of fabric is another great choice for a DIY bride.



antique jewels non-floral-bouquets-button-bouquet-chasingrubies-etsy

Brooch bouquets are a great choice for vintage or winter weddings. They have a very rich look and feel to them and can complement the decor and dresses very nicely. Just don’t choose brooches for your throwaway bouquet! You might give your newly-single aunt a concussion.

all pearls pearl spray diamond double flowers button

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