Disney Wedding Dresses


I know you’re probably imagining Cinderella’s sparkling silver blue ball gown, with a low-cut neckline and white colored peplum with cap sleeves, and of course a petticoat underneath.  Beautiful glass slippers, topped with sparkly hearts.   But not all of us have a fairy Godmother to make that dream come true, so instead we shop Alfred Angelo‘s collection of Disney Wedding Dresses! Ok, the pictures are a little cheesy, due to trying to re-create the look, but its not like you are going to turn into the character if you walk down the isle in one of these beauties!  So if you can get past that, you will see these dresses truly are amazing.  There are over 15 different Disney Princess inspired gowns in his collection, but here are some of my favorites.


Of course if you are going to dress like Jasmine for your wedding day, you have to have beautiful beading on the dress and a bit of the heart shaped neckline.  I love the style of this dress for a beach wedding, and if you really want to re-create Jasmine you just need to add a beautiful head piece.

JasminePhoto Credit:www.alfredangelo


Traditional princess gown, that is full of sparkle and beading, and even has a splash of Cinderella blue which I love!

cinderellaPhoto Credit:alfredangelo


This dress is so prefect for those that really want to let their hair down! There is a subtle amount of beading that really makes the dress, I even love this hairstyle!

repunzel2Photo Credit:http:alfredangelo


A mermaid style dress would be the only way to walk down the isle if Ariel is your princess of choice.  The pearls are a nice touch to this dress, and I love the detail on the train.

arielPhoto Credit:alfredangelo


In true princess fashion, Belle is one of my favorites from this collection. Sleeves are making a come back in 2014 and of course we all know that beading is hugely popular as well.  With both those features being standouts on this dress, you really can’t go wrong!

bellePhoto Credit:alfredangelo

Many of us dream of becoming a princess on our wedding day, don’t you agree these dresses are a must when making your dream a reality?  Let me know what you think!

Cover Photo Credit: pinterest  Dress by:  Alfred Angelo

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