DIY Boutonniere: Why Not?

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Here’s an idea: why not make your own boutonnieres?  All it takes is some fresh or silk flowers, a bit of floral tape, and some creativity.

For a fresh flower DIY boutonniere, you can either choose to use the same flowers used in the bridal bouquet, or mix it up entirely.  Don’t get too overzealous, though, only make your boutonniere a day or two before the wedding.  Your fresh flowers will wilt in a day or two.  One way to prevent this is to place the homemade boutonniere in the refrigerator a couple of days before the ceremony.

Another idea is to actually make it the day of.  You can have all of the individual pieces set out and ready, and your idea firmly placed in your mind. All you’ll have to do is get your fresh flowers, wrap it up, and pin it on to your groom’s lapel.  Lovely!

Below is a daring silk flower boutonniere.  Adding feathers or a brooch will add a personalized touch.  The best thing about silk flowers is that you can make the boutonniere well in advance and have it ready for the special day.

Making your own boutonniere is not only fun but it’s personal, too!

diy dragon boutonniere
Photo Courtesy: Alicia Hotovec-Ellis

Cover Photo Courtesy: Flower Factor

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