DIY Wedding Candy Bar That Anyone Can Make

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spring candy buffet

One of my favorite wedding trends is the candy bar, its aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for all styles of weddings.   I went to a wedding recently and they had one of the largest candy bars I have seen, and that is where I got my inspiration for this blog. Candy bars are such a cool touch to your wedding decor, and they are a guest party favorite for sure!  But don’t be fooled…the glassware, the table, and even the candy, add up and these can be a budget breaker!  Why not find a DIY way to make your own glassware for these tables?  The apothecary jars (as shown in picture above) can be expensive, and can easily push the candy bar off the list when doing your wedding budget.  So my hope is with this DIY wedding candy bar idea, you can start the making of your own ahead of time!

First things first…start early!  Stop by garage sales and thrift stores and start looking for all different shapes and sizes of candle sticks.  It doesn’t matter what they have on them or the color of them, because you are going to spray paint them the color of your choice.  You will want between 10 and 15 different candle sticks, depending on the size of the table you will be using.  But remember, you want the table to look full so more is better!

candle stick

 Then you want to find all different shapes and sizes of stemless bowls, make sure they are wide enough at the top for your guests to use tongs or a scoop.  You also want these to be clear, that way you can see the different varieties of treats!


Next all you need is to pick a color of your choice and add a couple coats of spray paint.

spray painted1

Lastly, use your hot glue gun and put them together!

final       Thank you bargainbound.blogspot!!

This is a great and affordable idea, and can be used again for so many different events even after your big day!  I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

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