DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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From simple to complex, great wedding centerpieces for your reception don’t have to break your budget.  Making them at home will save you money, and is a fun project to do with friends, or even your beau!

centerpiece diy
Photo Courtesy: Vicky Somma

Got a stash of unwanted cookie tins?   Sand them down using rough sandpaper and paint them however you please, using either acrylic or spray paint.  You can glue whatever you want to them, and fill them how you please.  If you don’t have enough tins, you can easily find them in differing sizes at your local dollar store.  Easy and fun!


centerpiece stick
Photo Courtesy: Lauren Wiest

Here’s another easy and customizable DIY centerpiece.  Find some smooth branches and spray paint them silver or gold.  Glue them to the bottom of a votive of your choice, and adorn the branches with baubles and shiny decorations.  Just make sure the centerpiece isn’t too top heavy.  Surround the piece with glittery candleholders, and you’ve got a simple and elegant centerpiece that’ll only cost you pennies.


centerpiece mirrors
Photo Courtesy: Elaine

Orchids are gorgeous and sophisticated, and make a terrific centerpiece.  Paired with a stem ornamented with carefully placed circular mirrors, this is a graceful yet not overly pretentious decoration.  While white on white is a beautiful combination, don’t be afraid to play with colors.  There’s thousands of different orchid species to choose from.


centerpiece blue
Photo Courtesy: LJ Cesca

Here’s a great springtime floral arrangement.  Fill a clear, circular vase with hydrangeas.    To achieve the look above, soak some branches in water to make them a bit suppler, and bend them to conform to the vase.  Hydrangeas come in an endless array of colors, so you can either keep the same hue throughout, or mix it up from table to table.  Set upon a square mirror, this centerpiece utilizes a floral motif without being too tall or bulky.


centerpiece night
Photo Courtesy: Mary E

Having an autumn celebration?  Create a centerpiece that plays off of fall colors and traditional themes.  No need for expensive flowers:  A table scattered with real or fake leaves in their vibrant fall display will add an instant touch of flair and is a budget option for your tablescape.  A glass vase filled with small river stones, coins, or coffee beans and adorned with an autumnal candle is an easy centerpiece.  Surround your larger candle with smaller votives like the frosted glasses above.

Make sure that the candles you choose aren’t scented, though.  While a piney aroma may be great in your home, the taste of your delicious meal will be ruined by a fragranced candle.


centerpiece shell
Photo Courtesy: Alasam

One of the most chic centerpieces can be achieved by utilizing a clear glass bowl filled with sea stones, glass, and seashells.  This is especially fitting for a seaside or beach themed wedding.  Pick visually interesting and colorful seashells to add appeal to your tablescape.  If you scavenge the seashells and stones yourself, this diy wedding centerpiece is almost entirely free.  The bowl you choose doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even a fish bowl will do the trick nicely!

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